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Easy going reader. I'll follow and take the lead from you. Never feel rushed, even if it's a tight time frame, I'm all about the calm, chill approach and have the patience to do however many variety of takes you need.

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British Actor with Musical Theatre background.
Musical theatre workshop leader for young aspiring performers.

-Just finished a singer/dancer contract onboard the MV Grand Celebration.
-Played Vinnie in Lucky Stiff at Lillian Bayliss Theatre in Saddlers Wells.

Special skills: Tap Dancer, Jazz dancer, Ballet Dancer, Pop/contemporary/legit musical theatre singer. Sea Safety trained, Survival skills, Basic Fire Fighting with BA equipment.

So far my performing career has been in Theatre and Cruise Ships. Now transitioning into Film and TV.


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" Daniel is the best! He brings out the best in an actor and is very easy to react off of. I'm very pleased with my session with him and I highly recommend him. "
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" Totally game to dive into the scene, and play ball emotionally as we ran it over and learned it from the inside. Wonderful experience. "
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" The best. So patient and kind, "
" Daniel is a wonderful and kind reader! I really enjoyed working with him! "
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" Great again, thanks Dan! "
" Amazing energy!!! "
" Daniel is a great reader - super fun and patience ! will use again for sure "
" Great reader, very kind and patient! "
" So great! We had some technical issues which meant it took longer than I suggested at first, but Daniel was super patient and kind to let us extend and work for longer. I asked a couple of directions to help me in my role too and he was really on it. Appreciated the help! Thanks! "
" Super! "

Credits Include

2020 [added]
Mark in 'Sugar'
2020 [added]
Shaun in 'Training Day'
Short Film
2020 [added]
Jake in 'Makes Sense'
Short Film
2019 [added]
Cole in 'Shadows"