Danielle Butlin

upto 15 mins : $ 5.00
upto 30 mins : $ 15.00
upto 60 mins : $ 30.00

I'm a Vancouver based actor and voice coach with training in stage and screen. I have a BPA (Music Theatre) and have also trained with Atlantic Theatre in NYC.

I love working with actors of all experience levels, whether you're a beginner learning the ropes, or a seasoned professional looking to take your tape to the next level, I can help you get the best out of your audition.

Rates are for combined coaching and reader service.

Proud member of UBCP/ACTRA.


I'm a professional actor with training in stage and screen. I have a BPA (Music Theatre) and have also trained with Atlantic Theatre (NYC).
I’m based in Vancouver working and auditioning for film/tv and commercials. Proud member of UBCP/ACTRA.

Jenn Andrusco jenn@thecharacters.com

100 Reader Reviews

" Warm, helpful, and very adept! "
" Such a great scene partner. Gave me a lot to work with and insightful notes. Thanks Danielle! "
" Awesome reader, thanks Danielle!! "
" Great feedback and so supportive! Will definitely book again!! "
" Amazing!!! "
" Fantastic reader! Totally present, helped me get a great take! Thank you Danielle! "
" Danielle was amazing! So talented, patient and insightful! "
" Always a gem :))) Thanks, Danielle!!! "
" Awesome and easy. Thank you! "
" Outstanding! Danielle is a phenomenal reader with wonderful energy, pacing and supportive! "
" Danielle was a pleasure to work with. Perfect timing, and great read! "
" So lovely and fun to read with! "
" Amazing amazing reader! helped me out a whole bunch! "
" Sweet, helpful grounded and funny. "
" Danielle is great, lovely energy & an awesome reader. Can't wait to work with her again. "
" Great! "
" What a phenomenal person and reader!! "
" Great reader! "
" She was cool and helpful "
" Awesome reader! "
" Such a fun reader to work with! Skilled in reader sides naturally which brought out a better performance for myself when taping. 10/10 recommend! "
" Shes great! "
" Great reader! Thank you so much Danielle! "
" What a lovely, generous and fun reader! "
" Super fun reader, gave me a lot to work with! "
" Danielle is fast on her feet. I can always count on her to be able to help me get a variety of tones and options for my takes. "
" Great reader, very patient! "
" Amazing reader! Thanks, Danielle! "
" Very friendly, patient, good reader, and fun to work with. "
" Thank you!!!!!! so patience! "
" Danielle was great! Super friendly, helpful and easygoing! "
" THE BEST!! Had a total breakthrough with Danielle. HIGHLY RECOMMEND "
" A gem. Incredible actress. Very patient, versatile, talented. TOP OF THE CHARTS. "
" Thank you!!!! "
" Had an audio issue earlier and repeated the scene - again, Danielle simply KILLED (with kindness) "
" Danielle is a wonderful reader and super sweet! I loved working with her! "
" Such a wonderful reader! Was drawn to working with Danielle because I had a musical theater audition and saw that that was part of her background and she absolutely elevated my comfort, my ease, and, ultimately, my performance. Will be coming back! "
" Danielle is a fantastic reader! She was patient, fed off of me really well, and understood the scenes very well. I am very impressed with her! "
" Lovely and wonderful!Thanks "
" Danielle was perfect! Look forward to working with her again on something more substantial. Thanks, Danielle! "
" Very helpful and great to play around with! Had no hesitation or difficult jumping in and having fun. Highly recommend! "
" I had to troubleshoot a number of things over several sessions. Danielle was a big help! "
" Worked with her twice. She's been a big help both times. "
" Danielle was fun and professional! We got a few takes right away, so thank you!! "
" She was great to read with. Helpful and friendly. "
" Danielle was stellar! Such a good reader, and gave fantastic ideas into playing with the scene. "
" Empathetic & swift script break down -- thanks Danielle! "
" Amazing thank you so much for your help! We jammed out multiple self tapes. "
" Great!! "
" Great reader! Easygoing and fun! "
" Brilliant, intuitive and bursting with ideas. Had a lot fun working together on a commercial tape and her suggestions were all really helpful. Recommend highly. "
" SO MUCH FUN!!! Danielle is an excellent coach and reader. highly recommend "
" Danielle was awesome! Thoughtful ideas and a great reader, thank you! "
" Danielle is awesome as always. Thank you! Great cold reader guys! "
" Lol, we had a laugh, thanks Danielle "
" Amazing reader! Throws herself into the scene. "
" Love this girl! Always such a pleasure. Great cold reader guys!! "
" Danielle was able to pin point the exacts redirects that really helped enhance my scenes ! Very Efficient and just a joy to work with ! 10/10 would call again "
" Danielle is a great reader! "
" Great reading with you! Thanks for helping me out at the last minute "
" Super treatto work with!! Shes a badass first of all and gets straight into the scene. Shes also really pleasant and present so it makes working together just feel like youre playing around. She also had some really neat ideas for the scene when I asked! We got done so quick, book her!!! Cant wait to work together again!! "
" Danielle was so amazing and super helpful! She was patient and gave me notes to help bring my audition to the next level! "
" Really helpful and great reader! Loved working with you! "
" Really great to work with and very helpful! "
" Danielle Rocks!! Great cold reader you guys! book her :) "
" One of my favs so far! Had the pacing down right away :) "
" Helped me make a 3 line scene come to life. THANK YOU! "
" Danielle thank you so much! Great to work with ! Fantastic reader! "
" Wonderful reader! Attentive and very generous! Thank you Danielle! "
" A huge thank you to Danielle for having fun and playing with me for this audition. Good feedback, easy to get along with - overall genuine and sweet person. Look forward to the next one! "
" It was wonderful working with Danielle! She invests so much into the session "
" Amazing reader! Super great at jumping right in and great to work with, thanks so much Danielle! "
" Danielle is one of the nicest and most generous readers I've ever worked with. She was very patient and playful and willing to try new things. The entire experience was very creative and fun. WORK. WITH. HER. (But only if you want to have a great time) "
" Danielle is awesome! Gave great direction and was such a natural. "
" Danielle is sweet and patient, and has some good ideas to boot! "
" Danielle is an amazing reader! "
" Danielle is souch a great cold reader guys! Book her!!! Thank you again:) "
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" Super sweet great cold reader! "
" Very patient and helpful! "
" Thank you so much!! Super patient and a great reader! "
" Daniel is a great reader! so helpful! "
" Fantastic. I would read with her again! "
" Thank you! Danielle is the A-Team. Great actress, warm, and professional. SHE ALSO EXCELS IN DIALECTS (BONUS)! "
" Danielle is awesome. She's got great energy and knows how to give you just enough as a reader without overpowering the scene. Love her! "
" This was my first time on this app and Danielle was phenomenal, thank you so much. "
" She is just. Incredible. Really, the bar is so high! She is a gift. Thanks, Danielle! "
" SO MUCH FUN! Danielle gave excellent notes and really helped me break down a commercial. "
" Great reader and gave me some great stuff to think about. Thank you, Danielle. "
" She was terrific! "
" She was an awesomeee reader!! "
" Daniele was an absolutely amazing reader! She gives such great insight and coaching, and quickly grasps the narrative of the script to help you give your best performance for your self tape. I highly recommend her! "
" Danielle is amazing "
" Awesome! So helpful and generous! "
" Danielle is a great reader. Another Vancouver Pro! Thank you so much. "
" Very patient and helpful! "

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