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Daniella Castoria is a bi coastal and bilingual American Actress, Dancer, Singer and Coach. I coach Actors across the United States and constantly am an in person Reader for friends as I know it's important to give back for all of the times I need a Reader for my auditions. Need another eye on your scene to add some perspective or help remind you of the basics? I'm your girl! Need someone to just read the scene with you that understands Acting ? I'm also your girl! I give feedback only on a as needed basis. I look forward to helping you book your next audition!

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Originating as an East Coast native, born in New York and raised in New Jersey, Daniella started off as a competitive dancer making her way into the musical theatre world. By the age of 18, she booked numerous commercials leading her on a new path of Acting for Film and Television nearly 2,000 miles away from home, but that's just the beginning of her journey!

In 2018, she co-founded a podcast called "Autocorrectpod" about her and her co- host's journeys from NYC to Los Angeles. She uses her podcast to encourage other Actors/ Actresses who may be starting out in the industry and need some inspiration or advice on what to do next. She helps them by bringing on Industry professionals and interviewing them Bi weekly. Her Podcast "Autocorrectpod" which is streaming on both Itunes and Spotify is now international in over 10 countries.

Daniella graduated Summa Cum Laude from Studio School Los Angeles with a BFA in Acting for Film and Television in May of 2019. Most recently, she Directed and Choreographed Matilda the Musical for 4 casts in February of 2022. She is currently booked 3 Musicals in which she will be performing this Summer in California. (More info to come on this)

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