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Arn't you lucky you got ME!!!

My name is Chipo and I am 100% here for you (well for the time we've allocated)

I pride myself in pouring all of myself into whatever your acting needs are, be it a standard clear delivery or a full dramatic read. I can do a gentle line run or be sergeant drill master. Just let me know I'm chill.

MoneyMoney Money!
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Chipo is known as a London based Theatre Actress with credits including Liberian Girl- Royal Court, Fingertips – Clean Break and played the title role of Rapunzel with tutti frutti. In 2014 she made her one-woman debut during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, in So What if I Dance.

Most notably Chipo Kureya was a part of the Original cast of the critically acclaimed Harry Potter and the Cursed Child where she played roles including Moaning Myrtle and Rose Granger- Weasley.

Most Recently she has toured Europe as Winnie Mandela in Free Mandela, portrayed Peasblossom in The critically acclaimed A Midsummer Nights Dream at the Bridge Theatre and guest starred on the Netflix television series Top Boy, as well as Everything I know about Love for BBC and has a role in an upcoming Marvel Feature (can’t say which one) #NDA

Behind the camera Chipo has choreographed music videos for Kwaye, Cool Kids (2017), Produced Shingai’s video We Roll (2020) and short films, N’ANGA(2021) and MEAT(pre-production).
You can support Chipo by contributing to her next creative venture MEAT link below:

Niki Winterson T (0) 20 7836 7849 E 59 St Martin’s Lane Covent Garden London WC2N 4JS

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" Just the very best. I highly recommend working with Chipo. She is a huge resource and incredible talent. "
" She's awesome! "
" Patient!! Encouraging. Helpful "
" The Incredible Chipo! First Class . BOOK HER. Thank you xx "
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" Lovely Chipo- Awesome as always :-) "
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" Chipo is absolutely amazing and talented when it comes to seeing what the full scope of a scene can look like. She really puts her all into helping others with their scenes and offers excellent feedback and advice. I 100% recommend her. "
" Chipo was so patient and supportive through my super challenging tape that I had to keep reshooting. Really calm and kind, put me at ease and gave me some great tips. Would recommend her "
" Thank you for your help Chipo! a true professional, honest and knows the business of Acting. Book her now :-) "
" One word amazing !!! Super friendly and actually gave me pointers on classes and the scene because am a newbie at this super highly recommend Chipo ! "
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" LOOOOVED Chipo. She’s smart, supportive and a first class reader. Cant wait to work with her again. Ten stars. please read with her if she’s available "
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" Wonderful! Highly recommended! "
" Chipo was great to run lines with and is a great sight reader :) "
" Chipo is such a resource. An incredible direct's eye to help guide you through the beats. Highly recommend. "
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" So lovely "
" Fantastic reader, very helpful with going through the scene! "
" Lovely working with Chipo. Such a great energy & an awesome reader. "

Credits Include

2022 [added]
Everything I Know About Love
2021 [added]
Top Boy
Netflix Margaret Akubeze
2020 [added]
Free Mandela
Euro Tour Winnie Mandela
2019 [added]
A Midsummer Nights Dream
Bridge Theatre Peaseblossom
2018 [added]
The Skating Rink
Opera - Garsin Mirriam
2017 [added]
Jungle Book
Royal & Dernga Leela
2016 [added]
Harry Potter and The Cursed Child
Palace Theatre Multiple
2015 [added]
UK Tour Rapunzel
2014 [added]
So What If I Dance
Edinburgh Frin Jade
2013 [IMDB]