Cynthia Zitter

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I am an actress and musician based in Los Angeles. My recent credits include the drug dealer, Sienna, on General Hospital, Irma, the Pin-up on Hulu's Reprisal, and a sassy young goth in ABC's Stumptown. I also have extensive theatre experience, having performed professionally all over the country.

As a reader, I am extremely good with a cold read. I have a ton of experience in fast scene study, and can give some helpful tips when desired. I also love to play with auditions, so if you like to toss around ideas, I'm your girl!

Cynthia Zitter is an actress and musician based in Los Angeles. Recent credits include Irma, the Pin-up on Hulu's Reprisal, and a sassy young goth in ABC's Stumptown. When she isn't appearing in the theatre or on screen, you can find her making music with her Chamber Pop Choir style, all-female band, Honey Child. Or possibly doing precarious balancing postures in Hot Yoga. Maybe just sitting at home in a face mask...One can never be too safe.

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207 Reader Reviews

" Wow, always a great scene and experience with Cynthia! A great scene partner, sweet person, with great notes if you want them. I'll book her any time I can! "
" Only read with Cynthia "
" Just beautiful! Such a great reader, actor, so connected and on every beat. I had a blast and thank you!!! "
" She was amazing!! Just take her!! I learned so much from her. She made me feel very confident and ready after working with her. I will work with her again for sure! "
" Cynthia is a genuine delight and was a pleasure to read with! She had great suggestions when I needed help coming up with a new angle for the scene. "
" Great reader! Very sweet and friendly and gave a very natural read. "
" Cynthia should be your go-to! Fantastic scene partner, great notes if you want them! "
" She was so sweet! I loved her! "
" Great reader! Thank you! "
" Amazing - notes and reading!! "
" Super helpful reader with great feedback and notes! yay! thanks! "
" Oh my goodness, always such a great partner! Cynthia has such a good vibe in any type of scene. Really brings simple actionable notes too. Book her for sure! "
" Yay! Always a pleasure working with you, Cynthia! Psst...don't hesitate to book her as your reader! "
" Thank you again Cynthia! So lovely to work with you as usual :D "
" I returned to Cynthia for her wonderful coaching! "
" Cynthia was wonderful to work with and and helped me be more myself in the self-tape. "
" Awesome reader! "
" Cynthia was fantastic!! "
" Great reader! "
" Awesome reader! Highly recommend!! "
" Cynthia is great! I recommend her to anyone that needs a reader! "
" As usual Cynthia provided excellent feedback, and guidance, and inspiration. Also it feels good to be able to trust your reader / coach's opinion. It seems clear that Cynthia always shares the goal of achieving the best work. Thank you so much! "
" Terrific reader & scene partner! Very in-the-moment. "
" Cynthia is the best, absolutely love working with her! BOOK NOW! "
" Cynthia brought it home again!! I always have amazing sessions with Cynthia. Her enthusiastic and experimental attitude helps me find my best work. Thank you so much! "
" Another great experience! Have her on my favorites. "
" Cynthia was a pleasure to work with, good vibes! "
" Cynthia is super supportive and professional "
" Awesome!!!!! a pro!! "
" Great sport! Thanks so much for the quick help! "
" Cynthia is oh so helpful and a great reader! would use her again and again! "
" Great reader! "
" Lovely person! Felt like I was just hanging with a close friend. 10/10 "
" Quick and easy to work with!!! great! "
" Cynthia was great! Her reading was spot on- her guidance was gentle and helpful! I'll definitely hire her again! :) "
" Cynthia is so much fun to work with! Fantastic advice from an improv pro. "
" Excellent reader as always "
" Cynthia is a rockstar! She's always so quick and willing to jump right in. Pick her! "
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" Great reader! So fun to read with. :) "
" Awesome read! "
" Great reader!! "
" Great to work with! "
" Excellent. 10/10 "
" Great reader with great scene suggestions. "
" Do not read with anyone else besides Cynthia. She is the best reader on this whole platform. Reader to the STARS. "
" Cynthia was lovely to work with! Had some fun comedy ideas, thanks Cynthia! Will book again! "
" Super helpful and great reader:) "
" Even better than last time, had a marathon session and Cynthia's notes were insanely on it all the way through. "
" Wow. The GOAT. Booked in again immediately "
" Amazing reader (she is *incredible* at cold reads!) and worked with me exactly as I need :) "
" A wonderful reader!!! Such a positive energy, a great scene partner, and gave helpful and collaborative feedback. Highly recommend! "
" Thank you! Cynthia! So positive. Great reader. "
" Cynthia is so connected while reading. Really appreciate her. "
" Awesome. Super collaborative and fun - cannot recommend Cynthia enough! "
" Yay! So great to work with Cynthia again, she's always so helpful with excellent thoughtful notes :) "
" Great read and gave very helpful advice when I asked! "
" Fun read! "
" Cynthia was a great reader! so helpful "
" Cynthia is great. Recommend! "
" As usual Cynthia is incredibly helpful and her positive and supportive demeanour is a pleasure to work with. Work with Cynthia if you get the chance! "
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" Perfection "
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" Cynthia is so awesome to work with! She is very encouraging and is so positive! "
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" Wow! Cynthia was so great. Fantastic actress who picked up the material instantly and gave me exactly what I needed. Will definitely look for her again for future auditions. Thank you so much! "
" Cynthia is the best! Definitely work with her!! :) "
" SO great. Helped me with a callback for a role I booked. Thanks Cynthia!! "
" SO good! She gave me great direction and encouragement. Would def love to work with her again. "
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" Cynthia is awesome! She really helped me energize my scene and she picked up the lines very quickly! "
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" So fun and awesome!!! "
" Super sweet and easy to read with! "
" Super nice and sweet. "
" What a volley! I love playing rounds of tennis with good players, and that's what I got! Such engaging energy going from the other side! Thank you, Cynthia! "
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" SO helpful and patient and a really great reader, thank you ! "
" Great as always "
" Great reader! Super helpful, patient, and intuitive. Highly recommend "
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" She's really wonderful, patient and kind, very happy to have been able to read with her "
" Awesome, patient, great ideas and feedback! Highly recommend working with Cynthia. "
" Love it! "
" Awesome Reader! Patient, fast to get the script, kind supportive "
" Cynthia was great! Helped me rehearse for a self tape, really supportive and had such great ideas about the scene! Highly recommend! "
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" She was a lot of fun and really easy to work with! "
" Love her she is so fun!! "
" She was great. Patient and supportive and gave a great read. "
" Lovely Reader. 2nd time using! "
" Cynthia is a great reader. I love to go back to her over and over again "
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" Cynthia is the best as always! So helpful and such great positivity. Thank you! "
" Beast mode this one! Kind and patient with great notes!! "
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" So lovely to work with! Will definitely request again "
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" Yay Cynthia was awesome!!! So much fan 😁😁 "
" Great "
" Great reader "
" Had such a blast taping with Cynthia!! We moved quickly and efficiently and she really helped me discover some choices I hadn't even considered. 10/10 "
" Great reader, gave a wonderful tip that helped a lot! "
" Nails it as usual!! Fantastic to read with. Cynthia really has great ideas to play with to help bring out your range. A pleasure and a real "value add" to read with! "
" Awesome reader! Will definitely use again. "
" So helpful. Really elevated my performance working with Cynthia "
" Absolutely AMAZING! had a challenging audition in a new real and Cynthia helped with making that world real. Provided great notes, amazing reader, 10/10 will read with again. "
" Super great! She IS very lively and gives you a lot to play off of!! "
" Nice, great at what she does. "
" Cynthia is fantastic "
" Cynthia was awesome as always (even with a turban ;-) ). I really appreciate your help and suggestion! "
" Great reader! Helped me through both of my scenes quickly, thoroughly, and helpfully! "
" Cynthia provided a third-party view of a professional situation I found myself in. Thanks much for the info Cynthia!!! "
" Great reader! Cynthia Thank you so much. It's such a pleasure to work with you. Brooke "
" Cynthia was amazing and helped me so much! :) "
" Very friendly, efficient and helpful. Great tips! "
" So kind and helpful! Understood the material right away. Her reading and timing really enhanced the scene! :) "
" Nailed my comedy scene! Thank you "
" Cynthia grasped the characters and emotional tone of the piece from a first cold read with ease, bringing the scene to life as if it had already been rehearsed between us a dozen times. She is a fantastic ball of positive energy and of course has wicked blue hair, reason enough to book her alone. fortunately she is also a first rate and cracking actress and among the best I have worked with on here and that is saying something. "
" Cynthia is the best!! "
" Cynthia's amazing! So helpful and encouraging which put me at ease and gave me some great ideas. Simply the best. "
" Cynthia is fabulous. Helped me talk through my sides and let me brainstorm what is happening in the scenes. BOOK HER!! "
" Cynthia saved the day! Last minute re-take, and I knew I could count on her for a quick turnaround. "
" Great reader perfect for this 3 cam comedy! "
" Cynthia was so helpful, she really helped delve into the character and headspace for my scene. "
" Repeat client! Cynthia is simply a joy :) "
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" Great reader! Thank you! "
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" She is perfection!!! "
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" A joyful experience! Quickly got what I needed while playing a challenging character. "
" Wonderful! Gave me great notes and pushed me to my best. "
" Friendly, quick and helpful input! "
" Cynthia was the best reader for my self tape! She was very positive and gave very helpful feedback. I felt great!! "
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" Very good reader! Gives a good energetic, and connected read! "
" Wonderful! Even stayed with me through some technical difficulties "
" Cynthia was a wonderful reader, and very patient while I dealt with some tech issues. Thank you again Cynthia! "
" Super nice! Thanks for the great read! "
" Warm and friendly! Thanks for your time Cynthia! "
" Cynthia is a lovely, super-generous, experience comedy vet and I am so lucky to have gotten to work with her today! Thank you, Cynthia!!! "
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" Great as always! Laid back, perfectly in character herself which really helps, and very encouraging. Great experience reading with Cynthia! "
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" Clear & precise read through. Very patient. "
" Super important and creative ideas, great reader! "
" Cynthia is fantastic! A true pro. Fun, good advice, and a relaxing vibe. Highly recommend. "
" Great reader "
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" Fanatbulous. Really knows her stuff! Wonderful reader "
" Very easy to work with and help ease you into the scene so you can get into it! "
" Cynthia was fantastic! A wonderful reader and a pleasure to chat with! "
" She's dope. That means she brought a caring ear and a strong professional presence to my scene. I surely recommend Cynthia and will work with her again! "
" Thank you so much for helping me put this on tape! Awesome Reader and great actress! "
" Cynthia is a great reader! So fun and cheerful :) "
" Great!! "
" She's terrific. A great reader, quick to cold read and great eye. Highly recommend "
" Great reader, very easy to work with! "
" Terrific reader "
" Cynthia is super helpful and has good accent training!! "
" Cynthia was super helpful as we talked through the (several) scenes for an audition, helping me get an understanding of the material. "

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