Cynthia Aileen Strahan

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Hi friends!

Adore any chance I can read with another actor. I watch many a self tape assisting at a commercial casting office, and also was a camera session director for commercials. Very comfortable with improv if you feel like playing!

I am always open to give advice/feedback/knowledge only if solicited by you, and will gladly acquiesce to what you need. My goal is to make you feel comfortable to take your time, feel confident in your read and have FUN! One of the biggest worries I know we have as actors is taking up each other's time as readers, and I want you to know I will be fully present with you to make sure you take as much time as you need!

My most recent credits are The Rookie on ABC and a recurring role on Paramount+ The Offer. I have studied with Howard Fine, Annie Chang at Joseph Pearlman Academy, Scott Sedita for Sitcom/Comedy, and Improv at The Groundlings!

I have read with 6+ folk who have booked roles from our sessions! Let me know if you do too! Makes me so so happy! =)

Let's create some magic!
If I am not available here when you need, just DM me!

Cynthia Aileen Strahan is a hapa thespiana from Oakland, California. She gets humans out of their minds and into their bodies on the dance floor as DJ Cynesthesia, drives as a precision driver certified by the Motion Picture Driver and Safety Clinic, and is currently working on her stage combat at Final Conflict Karate. When she is not echoing the human experience on screen, she is playing ball with her German Shepherd Sophie and drinking boba! She also is a mycologist in training, and has lived without a microwave for 2 years!

Her most recent booking was on The Rookie on ABC as well as a recurring role on Paramount+ The Offer as Talia Shire. She has booked over 40 commercials through her representation at Aqua Talent, Nylo Model and Talent, and Vanguard Management Group. She has studied with Howard Fine, Joseph Pearlman, Scott Sedita, Lesly Kahn and the Groundlings!

Aqua Talent 310-859-8889 Blake Viglione-Commercial// Courtney Peldon-Theatrical// Vanguard Management Brianne Watson (310) 940-2505

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" Great as always! "
" Best on this site. Book her "
" Cynthia was so great! She didnt just read. She committed to the material! Thanks Cynthia! "
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" Great reader "
" Great as always!! "
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" Amazing read and super generous with time!!! "
" My second time working with Cynthia because she's easy to connect with in the scene. I appreciate her patience! "
" Awesome as always! "
" Cynthia made this scene an enjoyable one to rehearse and tape! She's a joyful, good vibe reader! "
" Great reader "
" She was absolutely wonderful!! Her French accent was spot on and delightful! I highly recommend her. :-) "
" Fantastic! Quick and easy reader and gave me great commercial tips! "
" Thank you again! "
" Excellent. Highly Recommend! "
" Cynthia is fantastic! Jumped right in to play on a silly commercial audition and gave an amazing read with great energy! Thank you! "
" One of my favorite readers by far. Book her! "
" Amazing as always! "
" Thanks so much! "
" SUCH A GREAT READER!!! Patient, kind, offering great feedback, and let me do a few extra takes!! Highly recommend!!! "
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" Fantastic reader "
" Awesome read! "
" Amazing reader, feedback, and just very personable and instantly connected :) "
" Cynthia was really helpful, thank you "
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" Hey Cynthia that was fun and SUPER helpful!! Great notes, it definitely elevated what i was doing. Funny how someone else's perspective adds so much, especially from a pro. Thanks Cynthia :D "
" Cynthia is really good! She helped in my audition and she was into character and gave me a lot, Thanks! "
" Cynthia was so much fun to work with! Book her! "
" Great reader! Great personality! Very helpful on all levels--she's supportive, gets the action of the scene and offers solid ideas:). "
" CYNTHIA IS THE BOMB-DOT-COM. So fun and silly and easy to play with. Book herrrrr (and while you're at it make her feel guilty about not composting and or drinking enough water.) ;P "
" Great as always!! "
" Helpful suggestions and fun to play with! "
" That was fun <3 "
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" Amazing Reader!!! I always love reading with Cynthia "
" Awesome to read with! Cynthia gave great suggestions & was super easy to work with. :-) "
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" Super sweet! And helpful! "
" So great and patient! Super helpful with reading through new things!! "
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" Awesome! "
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" Cynthia was so sweet and great! When I asked for thoughts on pacing in the scene, she was quick to jump in and offer her feedback and helped me explore some other options for how I might play the scene. Great experience! "
" Really great and supportive! "
" Cynthia was so genuinely helpful!!! Really became the character and was so helpful in elevating the dynamics of my scene "
" Cynthia was amazing!! So fun and helpful! I highly recommend. "

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