Connie D Franklin

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Hi I'm Connie!
Actress/Filmmaker. I've been acting in film and tv for 10 years. They have ranged from small - micro budget projects to huge millions so I'm experienced with the range of set sizes.
I love the camera and have fun playing villain roles as well as "best friend" and mom roles.

I aim for a low pressure, friendly session!

I'm happy to help and give as little or as much feedback as you'd like. I'm happy to work with you on anything you like, learning lines, practicing, or taping. You let me know!
I'm happy to read with you!
If my beacon is NOT on , and you’d like to read with me just msg & let me know bc I can probably hop on!

When you book a role, message me on insta! I'd love to hear how it went and celebrate with you!

Currently I'm writing and directing my own short too!

Hi I'm Connie!

I've been acting my whole life, if you were to ask my mom ;)
Professionally - I have a few films on my IMDB credits. They have ranged from small - micro budget projects to huge millions so I'm experienced with the range of set sizes.
I love the camera and have fun playing villain roles as well as "best friend" and mom roles.

I'm new to this site - but I'm excited about the chance to expand my network of actor friends and spend more time playing with characters!

Magna Talent, Oklahoma City IG @con_franklin

99 Reader Reviews

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