Cleera Hollingsworth

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Hi, Welcome to my profile! I’m Cle’era! Originally from Kansas City, Missouri. I studied theater in Kansas City and later signed to agency working in commercial. I’ve worked in the midwest for brands such as Famous Footwear, Community America, Fare-Way Grocery store and T-mobile. I have also worked on student short films such as Forsee, I Have a Boyfriend, and Open mic, along with a short limited web series Elevator Money.
I have now been residing in Los Angeles for a little under a year to pursue more of the TV/Film side of the industry as an actress and future director.

As your reader my job will be to simply read sides with you for your new booking, signing with an agency, a fill in for class or simply to practice and get something on camera. I offer good energy, you tell me what you need from me as the reader and I will provide. If you need angry, I got you, mischievous, I got you, dorky guess what… I got you! I will offer suggestions and honest feedback upon request. I may ask you if you you’d like any other suggestions, feel free to tell me, “no thank you, I liked my choices”.

Happy to have you here!

Let’s rock and record!

Feel free to connect with me:
Instagram: @cleeraneshay

Hello, I'm Cle'era. A fresh face residing in Los Angeles, originally from Kansas City, Missouri. I went to a community college to start my education in theater and later signed with an agency to do commercial work. My most recent work has been in shorts "I Have a Boyfriend", "Open Mic", and "Forsee" , a limited YouTube series "Elevator Money", feature film guest star roles in "The Caregiver" and "The Influencer".
A little bit about me, I not only adore acting but I also have a passion for many other things like dance, roller skating, and creating. You can always find my on the dane floor if I hear good music.
I'm excited to join WeAudition and see where this new journey may take me.

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Elevator Money