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I am an actor based out of Chicago, IL I have been working as an actor and studying this craft for over 10 years.
I am wanting to help other actors whom are working just like me perfect their craft.

Thank you.

I am an experienced actor well versed in various performance styles that I believe would be beneficial in your company’s production. Not only do I have an extensive amount of experience, but I have education and training in theater and acting and many talents that will suffice your production needs.
As a trained performer I have experience in many lead and supporting roles in films such as Freedom Summer, He don’t make Junk and Playing War. I’ve also had major theater roles in the following productions: The Seat Fillers, Chicago Madness and A Midsummer’s Night Dream. I have had the opportunity with these films to be very versatile in my performances; going from portraying a homeless man to playing a gangster.
Even though I have ascertained experience through my opportunity working with some great directors such as, Joseph Nelson, Paul John, Alan Marshall and even Amy Fenton; my education in theater and film definitely highlights my skills as an actor. I’ve received training in modern and contemporary plays, vocal control, on screen monologues and improvisations for an actor at some of the best performing arts schools throughout the Chicagoland area.
Along with my extensive experience and training in acting, I have gained recognition in modeling and in music. The talents that I have gained throughout my life whether it be rapping, dancing, and boxing have only enhanced my capabilities as an actor and performer in film and on stage.
At your earliest convenience please look over my resume and head shot that I have enclosed. I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with your further about my experience and acting skills. Please feel free to contact me at
Thanks in advance for this opportunity.
Chris Miller

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