Cameron Foord

Hi guys:
Coming back to the business after 13 years away and was a working actress 25 years prior, mostly theater and commercials and voice over.
Now its all about self tapes and I'm loving the control it gives us and the ability to deliver exactly the product we want and deserve! My aim is to give as in the moment performance as I can and I love to help the people I work with get there too.

I can help with:
Self tape set up and technique
Break down beats
Memorization and running lines

If you want to set up a time in advance you can contact me at

Professional actor for more than 25 years and returning to the business in the last 2.

Focusing more now on film and TV; most of my former work was theater leading roles at the Vinyard Theater in NY (Shakespear's Women) Public Theater in Lewiston ME (Shirley Valentine), Chandler Music Pavillion in VT (Hanna Free), Indiana State Theater (Hayfever), Empire State Theater in Albany NY (Eleemosynary), et al

Lead in Open City Films "Childhoods End" (1998) and "Red Rooster" TNT series(1984)

Voice Over artist with own studio

Recent Training:
Scott Friedman recently - acting
David Cady, Bill Colius - commercials
Roger Becker - voice over

Theatrical and commercials: Gina Manfredi DDO Voice Over: Allie Silber DDO


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