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Hi fellow talented people!

I'm Bryan Justin, a SAG-Eligible actor/voice actor, dancer, and movement coach based in Atlanta, GA. I'm mainly Meisner trained (I have studied some Adler, Strasberg, and Stanislavsky) and just love storytelling. I'm flexible and like to give my fellow actors what YOU want in an audition. So feel free to let me know whatever you'd like me to do as your reader. We're in this together and I want to see you shine!

I'm flexible with my availability and will do my best to be there for you.

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SAG-E Meisner trained actor Bryan Justin has been studying and perfecting his craft for years in Atlanta. He has been consistently training in storytelling as an on-camera, theatre, and voice actor. He also still works professionally as a dancer and movement coach, amongst a few other things in the Entertainment & Arts industry. New to his agency, Bryan recently booked his first of many National Campaigns to come. The commercial was for Chevrolet.

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" WOW!! Bryan has such a good eye! Offers such great feedback! A fantastic reader and just so generous with his time and talents. He really want you to get you best take and he is so genuine in getting you there. Thank you for making this a fun one! Looking forward to the next one!!! "
" Bryan was Awesome thank you "
" He was such great and lovely reader!! thank you "
" Awesome reader with great notes/adjustments! Thanks Bryan! "
" Amazing reader! "
" Bryan was awesome! Really great energy, and helped me commit more to the character and scenes overall. Plus, just a super chill dude, very easygoing. BOOK him! "
" Super great! Really personable and ready to give exactly what I needed, we had a good time with the tape! "
" Bryan is an amazing reader - gives honest feedback, makes the audtion feel fun, and put up with my singing during the scene lol. Will def read with him again! "
" Wonderful reader who is full of insightful notes. Fantastic person to book. Thanks! "
" Awesome reader. grounded and real. great energy. super patient and helpful notes. "
" Bryan was excellent to work with , and extremely patient with me and my technical difficulties. I would love to work with him again! He also gave me great feedback. "
" So fun to work with! Great reader as well! Thank you Bryan! "
" Great reader! Passionate! "

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