Bryan Hare

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Based in Atlanta, GA I'm a young actor that has played a variety of character roles in various films. This includes a self-doubting underdog salesman, a dentistry patient that loses his temper, an emotional drug trader looking to save his mother, and a naïve roommate that provides a comedic twist to a drama. Check out my Actors Access resume which includes more of my experience as well as reel footage. (

I'm always in a quiet room and match the personality of the character you need me to read while making sure you remain the star of your self-tape.

I just want to see people succeed!

Tips gratefully accepted via Paypal or Venmo (BryanHare)

Lets connect on Instagram! @greatvaluetomcruise

Bryan Hare first moved to Atlanta, GA in 2018 in pursuit of his Ph.D. degree in chemical engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. In the search for additional income to buy his now wife an engagement ring, Bryan found himself starring in various films and television shows as a background actor. Afterwards, he received acting/modeling training and has since applied his talent in several indie films captured throughout Atlanta with students and local production companies. Bryan is continuing to develop his brand, expand his network, and seek commercial representation.


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" Bryan was such a great scene partner. He was supportive, patient and really helped me bring the best out of my scene. "

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