Brittney Bluitt

Hey there fellow artists!

The name is Brittney Bluitt (Blew it). Yes I know... LOL.
I am here to help my fellow actors nail these auditions . I love to watch actors work and help them reach, what I like to call, their light bulb moment. I have a knack for pointing out small specific moments in scripts that you may miss. I can't wait for the chance to work with you.

Based out of Dallas, Texas. I have had the opportunity to work on some great local projects. From short films, such as With Love and CHECKOUT TIME, to the DayTime Emmy winning web-series #WASHED which is now on Amazon Prime along with Natural Hair the Movie.

I can't wait to work with you!

If you find me beneficial and would like to send me a tip, but do not have PayPal
Venmo: @brittney-bluitt

Brittney Bluitt, a native of Dallas, Texas  has made her staple in independent film and new media work including the hit web series #Washed and other local film projects such as With Love and Natural Hair the Movie. She has also recently added theater to her resume portraying the lead role of Daughter in Soul Rep Theater’s production of Shakin' the Mess outta Misery. Being no stranger to the stage, Brittney has performed as a dance student during her high school career at Lancaster High School and later performing with the Loris Beckles Dance Company in Dallas, Tx. Brittney started her acting career in 2016 studying scene work and character analysis under Theresa Bell at the Tbell Actors Studio

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" Always great having Brittney as a reader. Her energy is always high and her ideas are great. Will be using her services again soon. "
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" Fantastic energy and super patient! Great notes. "
" Lovely! So sweet and positive. "
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" Brittney was sooooo patient and gave incredible notes/feedback when asked! I would definitely use her again! "

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