Briellyn Bond

My name is Briellyn Bond I am a 21 year old Actor living in Gold Coast Australia. Recently Graduating New York Film Academy I am equipped and ready to launch into becoming a working actor in the Creative Arts. Working consistently on my craft is important to me and so is the opportunity of connecting with others around the world. Confidence is key and a skill to be trained regularly.

I love the freedom being in the arts, expression brings me joy and I love seeing it through others. I like exploring various roles and pushing my comfort zones.

I am also a reader through this amazing platform, if you would like to connect and have an awesome scene partner email me!

Briellyn Bond born 11.03.1999 is an Australian Actress. With a burning passion for stunts, creative story telling and people, Briellyn loves to work with other artists. Briellyn likes to play various roles and expands her craft daily. Briellyn is a kind outgoing personality who has a vision and big goals for the Industry.