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Hello, I'm Brandon Jarin Suan. I am a Hawaii based actor and alumni of the prestigious 'The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre', located in NYC. My specialty is in the Meisner Acting Technique, so in regards to being your reader, I am specifically trained to work off of you well. I'm excited to help you in getting those big auditions fully realized.

ABOUT ME: I've auditioned for a multitude of network's series', including a pilot for a series regular role, and I am a regular with big casting directors in my home state.

I prefer to work on demand, but if you would like to schedule an appointment in advance, feel free to DM me with your request via Instagram: @brandonjarin_suan OR email me at (if you don't use IG).

Hello, my name is Brandon Jarin Suan. I am a Hawaii based Non-Union actor, and alumni of the prestigious 'The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre', in NYC, my specialty is in the Meisner Technique.

I am currently represented by the Kathy Muller Talent & Modeling Agency on Oahu, and I'm also searching for Theatrical/Commercial agency representation, and management, in the three major markets, (LA/NYC/Atlanta).
I've auditioned for a multitude of network series', including a pilot for a series regular role, and I am a regular with big casting directors in my state.

For potential casting, please contact my rep (Kathy Muller Talent & Modeling Agency), at (808) 737-7917
If you are a representative interested in signing with me, please email me at


Joy Kam, Kathy Muller Talent & Modeling Agency, 4747 Kilauea Avenue, #213, Honolulu, HI 96816, (808) 737-7917


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" Great!! Very professional and helpful "
" Brandon is great! Book him! "
" Brandon was great! Thanks for the help! "
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" Enough push and pull to bring the spark of tension and play in a scene "
" Great reader picking up on a reshoot I wanted to do and ran with it! Thanks a lot Brandon! "
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Credits Include

2021 [added]
EDUCATIONAL THEATRE - Between the Woods and Frozen
2021 [added]
2020 [added]
EDUCATIONAL THEATRE - The Butterfingers Angel
2020 [added]
2019 [added]
THEATRE - Disney's Beauty and The Beast
Monsieur D'Arque
2018 [added]
THEATRE - The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber