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Browser Ringing?

Ringing Bell

Missed an instant request?

When you receive a direct instant rehearsal request someone wants YOU NOW….. so we do a few things to help you not miss out. A popular one of these is making the browser window ‘ring’ like a telephone. 

The latest updates of Chrome (as of Spring 2021) limit our ability to play a sound programatically and this is especially prevalent when a tab is in the background. i.e. not the top tab. We have implemented a few more features to try and help you not miss out out with this, plus there is some advice below.  
For the best experience… make sure you are using 

  • DESKTOP: Chrome brewer 
  • iPAD: Safari Browser

What to look (and listen) out for: 

  • The browser tab ‘flashes’ (text changes) 
  • Make sure your speakers are up if your beacon is on and you are waiting for a rehearsal request.  
  • Install the browser notification and watch out for these ‘popup’ notifications. 
How to install the browser notifications preference: 
  • You will be asked when you first switch on your beacon on a browser that you haven’t’ used for WeAudition before. 
How to check the browser notifications preference: 
  • Open Chrome Browser 
  • Top Right click the three buttons
  • You might need to click ‘more…’ 
  • Click Settings
  • Under Privacy and Security’ Click ’Site Settings’ 
  • Click Notifications
  • Choose to allow notifications from 

What else can you do? 

The best thing to do is set up SMS You will then get a text message when you have a request. Hopefully your phone will always be nearby you.  
Make sure your mobile phone number is added on the settings page:

If you want to be extra diligent you could even set a special ringtone for that text number (we send from +3109564049) 

Please let us know if there is anything else you do to not miss out – or any suggestions on making this easier. 

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