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I’m Beth, I’m a Uk actress and VO based in London. I trained at East 15 Acting School on the BA (Hons) Acting and since graduating have continued my training for both stage and screen on courses at Mixing Networks, Go Hub, and Just Add Milk.
I am an experienced reader and have been lucky enough to work as a reader and facilitator for workshops with some great Uk based casting directors, assistants and agents. This is given me a unique insight into the casting process and what individual offices are looking for in the room and in your tapes. I also regularly participate in casting workshops myself and know how crucial it is to have a generous reader to act alongside, so you can give the best performance possible.

I have a great ear for accents and so am comfortable reading lines in another accent if this is useful and am always happy to offer feedback and advice if you are required to audition using an accent. My native voice is standard English/RP, however, I am confident in the following accents/dialects: Suffolk/Norfolk, heightened RP, general Northern, Yorkshire, general American, southern American, and southern Irish (Dublin).

I know how difficult and stressful it can be when you get a last-minute self-tape request or have no one at hand to work on your audition with you, and personally believe we creatives need to look out for one another. I love helping friends and other actors with their self-tape auditions and am confident we can work together to get the best tapes possible.
I am more than happy to offer my time and experience to work on your audition with you in whatever way suits you best to ensure you get a take you are happy with.

Here are some ideas of how I can help:
- Running lines
- Script breakdown/analysis
- Character work
- Technical self-tape tips
- Creative direction
- Accent feedback
- Reading in for you
- General chat

If you would like to set up a certain time to rehearse, drop a message or an email with 'WeAudition' in the subject.
Instagram: @beth_amery
Twitter: @beth_amery

I am not currently charging for my services but tips would be welcome and greatly appreciated.


My name is Beth Easdown, I am a British actress, model and VO based in London, represented by Caroline at Felix de Wolfe.
I trained at East 15 Acting School on the BA (Hons) Acting and since graduating in 2021 have continued my training, developing skills for both stage and screen, through courses at Mixing Networks, Go Hub, and Just Add Milk.
I have a youthful energy and look, which lends itself well to younger teenage roles. My native accent is standard english/RP however I have a great ear and pick up for accents and am highly skilled in General American.

Represented by Caroline at Felix de Wolfe

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Credits Include

2022 [added]
Secret Garden
Stage Martha
2022 [added]
White Girls Gang
Rehearsed Reading Lizzie
2022 [added]
Coming Together
Audio Drama Evie
2022 [added]
Rainbow Grey: Eye of the Storm
2021 [added]
Rainbow Grey
2021 [added]
No Picnic
2021 [added]
Love Without Walls
Feature Film