Bennette Ngoma

I’m an 18 year old pursuing the dream of being an actress just like you! Hey friend!

Ive been told that I am very charismatic and encouraging when it comes to all aspects of life and I believe I am very bubbly! I’m always open to helping out because I believe that a candle doesn’t dim its self by lighting another.

If your energy is good, the energy will be greater and within mins I know we’ll establish great chemistry, after all, that is part of what acting’s about. I’ll make sure I push you to your fullest potential and give honest feedback whilst simultaneously learning from you also!

I’m able to perform with my native British accent as well as with the typical standard American accent

Hoping we cross paths!

My name is Bennette Ngoma, I’m 18 years old and I am London based.

Due to having finished school alongside with COVID-19 hitting, I wasn’t able to obtain credits as upcoming projects either had to be postponed or cancelled however I am constantly on the look out for work and with school out of the way, I’ll be working way more on my craft and creating more self tapes.

I am a self taught gymnast, teaching myself flexibility stunts as well as tumbling, some skills which are still in the works.

I’ve partaken in school exam performances and I have completed a screen acting course with the National Youth Theatre. There’s nothing I look forward to more than expanding my portfolio, recording self tapes and being able to spotlight my talent across different projects in the near future despite the unforeseen circumstances

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