Ben Joseph

Hey there!

I'm Ben, a British actor (want to learn how to do a British accent?) with a Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree in Musical Theatre from the number 1 Conservatoire in the UK where I attended on a scholarship..

I've been acting for over 14 years with a wealth of experience on both stage and screen.

As well as being an actor, I'm also an acting teacher, MT rep teacher and monologue coach. I have an ear for accents and love to help teach them where necessary. I understand how much of an imposition it feels asking your friends to read in for a self-tape or to help learn your lines. I also understand that you frequently feel like you have to hurry through it and don't really get the take that you want because you feel cheeky asking to do it again. That's why I'm here, my time is yours.

British/Welsh Actor.

6 foot.

BA in Musical Theatre from the Glasgow Academy of Musical Theatre Arts (Full Scholarship)

MA in Musical Theatre from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (Swinburn Scholarship)

Neutral standard English accent but an ear for many.


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Credits Include

2022 [added]
Snakes and Ladders
Educational Jack/Sam/Will/Host
2022 [added]
Prince Charming
2022 [added]
Sinderella (18+)
Prince Charming
2021 [added]
Shock Tactics
Educational Jayden/Pylonman
2021 [added]
Pantomime Buttons
2021 [added]
Short Film Ronny
2020 [added]
I Just Wanted To Say
Short Film Dan
2019 [added]
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
Musical Clopin
2019 [added]
Musical Bobby
2018 [added]
Graveyard Voices
Site Specific First Mate/Leper
2018 [added]
Songs For A New World
Musical Man
2018 [added]
Christmas On Broadway
Concert Soloist
2017 [added]
Spring Awakening
Musical Melchior
2017 [added]
Sweet Charity
Musical Daddy Brubeck
2017 [added]
Attempts On Her Life
Stage Actor
2017 [added]
A New Brain
Musical Roger
2016 [added]
Just So
Musical Leopard
2016 [added]
One Punch
Short Film The Drunk Guy
2015 [added]
Musical Jesus