Christian Prins Coen

I am an actor and writer who searches for the musicality of a piece in order to find the soul of the character. I write and perform spoken word and have won awards for my one man show, Abomination: Memoir of Ambiguity.

I would love to read and prepare with you.

I'm a hustler and am always looking for ways to push forward and grow with a diligent community.

I recently moved to Brooklyn, NY to grow my career & craft to the next level. I'm also currently part of the The Neighborhood Playhouse's 2 year Professional Acting Conservatory Program.

Feel free to contact me with sides or if you are just looking to play with some characters.

I've been known to sit in my room with a script listening to music continuous until I find the right rhythm. Every character has a song, a cadence to them and I think this is the most important to discovery.

After graduating with a BA in Theatre/English from Arcadia University, I studied improv and sketch at The Second City. From there I traveled the country performing in local theatres and trying my hand at stand-up.

I migrated my craft into stylized storytelling that bears resemblance to spoken word. With my skill set, I wrote and produced a one man show called Abomination: Memoir of Ambiguity, that has earned me an award from the Asheville Fringe Arts Festival and raised over $1200 in donations to Black/Trans/Gay activism.

I'm always working on something, whether that be reading writing, or just playing with a character; I prefer to to continuously pursue growth.

I am currently attending the Neighborhood Playhouse's 2 Year Professional Acting Conservatory.

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The Darkroom
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Abomination: Memoir of Ambiguity
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Not the Good Kind of Change
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Katy Keene
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