Ash Mayers

Hello! I am an actress experienced mostly in commercials/improvisation. I also work in commercial casting and TV production from time to time.

My training includes a BFA in Acting from Brooklyn College, Atlantic Acting School/Practical Aesthetics, and loads of improvisation/sketch writing. I am in the NYC market so I am very familiar with the tones of shows that film here! I have extensive training in TV auditions and would love to help you book!

Ash Mayers is an actress in TV, Film and Theater based in Brooklyn, NY. She has experience in TV production and commercial casting. Ash also loves cats, matcha, and hot yoga!

" Ash was amazing! She was super patient, knowledgeable, and also really funny. It was great to read with someone with so much experience. She made me feel comfortable and helped me to explore different approaches to my sides! "
" An amazing reader!!! Great energy and easy to work with! "

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