Ashley Cox

Hello there! I'm so excited to read with actors on WeAudition. For the past few years I have already helped many friends (who study at in-Studio in NC) run lines and self-tape for their own auditions.

I've been training as an actor for 5 years, and am currently represented by Marilyn's Agency. I would love to help YOU run lines, record a self-tape, or answer questions you might have about your self-tape set-up.

Talk soon!

I have been training and working as an actor in the SE for 5 years, and am currently represented by Marilyn's Agency in NC. My dream is be part of the Star Wars or Marvel universes! I am 6' 0" and athletic, so I tend towards badass female roles.

Marilyn's Agency: Cheri Van Loon Greensboro, NC (336) 292-5950 ext 209

Credits Include

2022 [added]
Feedback Academy
Industrial Lead
2022 [added]
Feature Film Lead / Michelle
2021 [added]
Mobile Pixels
Commercial Featured Background
2020 - pr [added]
How-To with Ashley
Web Series Series Regular
2020 - pr [added]
Ask Ashley
Web Series Series Regular
General College
Episodic Supporting
Be a Kid Again
Commericial Featured
Catch and Release
Short Film Supporting
Krispy Kreme
Voice Over
Ride Share
Short Film Co-lead
Up the Road
Short Film Lead