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Hi there! I've been training in TV/film acting for a few years, with a bit of improv. When it comes to acting, I embrace spontaneity and variety and try not to be predictable as much as possible, so when it comes to giving notes when requested, I may have you do a few different takes to see what feels best.

When it comes to reading for actors, it's not about me, it's about you, the actor submitting the self-tape. Totally easygoing and coachable if you need me to change up my reads. I know that self-taping can be its own nerve-wracking beast vs in-person auditions, so I'm right there with you. =) Happy booking!

Coaching sessions also available and I'll share as much of what I've learned from industry professionals.

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Twitter: @ThatsSoArnold
Instagram: @arnoldtolentino_basmp

Your sweet, trendy nerd with a bit of an urban edge. The silliest MF'er I know.
SAG-AFTRA actor. Special skills include "tongue drum" beatbox and impersonations of E-40, Sean Connery and Cartman from Southpark (can do a combination of 2 of each).

Agency: PureFlare Talent & Modeling Agent: Melinda Smith Email: Number: 678.531.6157

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Johnny Cash and the Little Green Man
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The Select Fit