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Hi there! I've been training in TV/film acting for a few years, with a bit of improv. When it comes to acting, I embrace spontaneity and variety and try not to be predictable as much as possible, so when it comes to giving notes when requested, I may have you do a few different takes to see what feels best.

When it comes to reading for actors, it's not about me, it's about you, the actor submitting the self-tape. Totally easygoing and coachable if you need me to change up my reads. I know that self-taping can be its own nerve-wracking beast vs in-person auditions, so I'm right there with you. =) Happy booking!

Coaching sessions also available and I'll share as much of what I've learned from industry professionals.

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Twitter: @ThatsSoArnold
Instagram: @arnoldtolentino_basmp

Your sweet, trendy nerd with a bit of an urban edge. The silliest MF'er I know.
SAG-AFTRA actor. Special skills include "tongue drum" beatbox and impersonations of E-40, Sean Connery and Cartman from Southpark (can do a combination of 2 of each).

Agency: PureFlare Talent & Modeling Agent: Melinda Smith Email: Number: 678.531.6157

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" SO AWESOMEEE!!! Thanks friend!! :) "
" Wonderful!! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Great! "
" Cool AF and patient. great reader!!! "
" Enthusiastic reader. "
" Arnold was super accommodating and very helpful. Cant wait to work again! "
" Arnold is AMAZING. He was my first reader on this platform, and he made me feel so safe and comfortable. He also gave me some great notes and support all along the way. Can't speak highly enough of him. Thank you thank you! "
" Great with cold read!! "
" EXCELLENT! Such a great and supportive reader... "
" Very patient and committed. "
" Probably my favorite reader! So supportive. "
" Arnold was a very patient and on his toes. I highly recommend! "

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