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Patient, reliable and only chimes in if asked. Also happy to coach/answer industry questions. Please feel free to email

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NYC based SAG-AFTRA actor. Member of The Story Pirates. Able to do comedy/improv as well as drama. Strong background in Theatre and Shakespeare.

David Guc/Vanguard Management and Ro Diamond from SDB Partners as my agent.

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" SHE IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST. In fact, I think she cared more about my scene than I did. Kidding. She was so invested, such a giving reader and so fun to work with even though we were dealing with some heavy material. I LOVE HER. Gonna use her all the time. "
" Helpful and easy to work with. "
" Super patient, great notes. "
" OH I LOVE ARIANNA! PS Did you catch her on Manifest? GREAT Actor, AMAZING Reader, Gave me pointers when I asked for them. A+++++++++ "
" Very helpful, very patient :) "
" Girl! Thank you so much for keeping it professional through my technical difficulties! Arianna is a pro reader who understands tone pacing and story structure. She was incredibly helpful. "
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