Arabella DeLucco

I'm new here, and it's wonderful to meet you! I'm a trained actor who studied political science and English literature at Rutgers University. I'm also a filmmaker and founder of, a nonprofit that aims to bring more diversity, equity, and inclusion to the media & entertainment industry. I'm here to help you out and learn. I'll be happy to make suggestions for your scene or help you get your lines down cold. Whatever you'd like to do!

I'm a comedic actor and filmmaker readily available (at no cost to you) for work in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Hawaii. I'm also the founder and CEO of, a 501(c)3 nonprofit with a mission to bring diversity, equity, and inclusion to the media and entertainment industry. In my spare time, I'm an oil painter and hobby chef.

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2020 [IMDB]
American Wellness
TV Mini Series
2020 [IMDB]
We eXceL Daily
TV Series
2017 [IMDB]
Intergalactic Kate
2016 [IMDB]
Silent Melody