Annie Sway

Groundlings-trained actor and comedian. Recently had a national commercial with JK Simmons. I frequently cold read for CD workshops, with positive feedback from CDs each time -- both comedy and drama.

I can work your scene as much as you need, or give a straightforward read. Lmk. I use exercises like improv, repetition, subtext, personalizations, and physical movement to explore the scene.

Have trained with Desean Terry for years.

Languages: Spanish (speak/read), Mandarin Chinese (speak)

Chinese-American, Groundlings-trained actor and comedian

Manager: Matilda Comers - Theatrical: Lupe Valdez -

10 Reader Reviews

" I love reading with Annie. She has such great notes and ideas to make the scenes pop. "
" So good working with annie! 10/10 "
" Nice cold read Annie! Thank you! "
" Great. Great notes. very helpful. "
" Supportive and insightful scene partner! Thank you! "
" Fun Reader, She helped alot with making sure my scene flowed naturally "
" Annie was so spot on and had sooo many ideas and exercises to get me more into the scene. HIGHLY recommend! "
" Wonderful actor and reader! Highly recommend! "
" First time to read with Annie, and she's so great! REALLY encouraging, calls out the qualities in you that make the scene pop! "
" She is so talented and friendly. Super helpful. Thank you "

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2020 [IMDB]
Check Please
Video short
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Honda Winter Olympics
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2017 [IMDB]
Life Blood
2017 [IMDB]