Andrea Nitsche

Hey you,

If you are searching a reliable, openminded, patient, curious actress who supports you on your journey 110% - I am your lady!

In 2021 I attended 2 workshops about self tapes and ecasting, so I am sure I can give you some advice and most of all understand what you are going through right now.

I will give you - if you want it- an honest feedback and we will work/have fun with your scene until you are satisfied with your tape.
I am here to support you.

I am looking forward meeting you…and your scene. Let's get you the job of your dreams!
Sincerely, Andrea

I am Andrea Nitsche, currently living and working in Vienna, Austria.

You‘ll find me mostly on little stages in and relatively close to Vienna.
I love the challenges of our job - the different parts I play, the people and places I get to know- no matter if it‘s in a theatre, Open Air, at a movie set, at some town in Ukraine or Poland or at a theatre-hiking-project in the middle of a forest.

In me you have a multifaceted, curious, perfectionist, caring and reliable teamplayer.

I am a nerd- I play D&D, love Star Trek, and ,The Big Bang Theory‘ sometimes seems like my life ( my hubbie is a physicist). My most beloved possessions are a Bat’leth with autographs from my first 2 Science Fiction conventions, my many nerd-shirts and my Doc Martens collection.

After many years in theater I am putting my focus more and more on working in movies

My inner kid is more and more in contact with my old soul and I think that helps me a lot in my acting.

born November 16th 1976 in Vienna

Schule des Theaters 2000 – 2004,
final exam acting school: 2005

additional qualification
instruments: guitar, piano (both basic)
singing : Mezzosopran, dance: ballroom, ballet (basic)
preschool teacher (1998-2007) - very good with kids

TV / Film
2022 Lichter.Lichter.Lecker, director: Daniel Simair, shortfilm
Nachspeise:Krieg, director: Florian Mayer, shortfilm

2021 FUDLIAKS! Zerfetzt die Geschlechter!, director: Jasmin Hagendorfer, shortfilm
Janus-ewiges Schicksal, director: Renate Woltron, cinema
Der Ausweg, director: Dieter Primig, Social Spot für das Jugendforum Mozarthof

2020 Schiele XR, director: Gerda Leopold

2019 Je suis auto, director: J.Grenzfurthner, J. Neuhuber (in production)
Strawberry Moments, director: Renate Woltron, cinema
Cloudship Modo, director: Kilian Mayer, shortfilm

2018 Stark im Kommen, FH St.Pölten, director: Jannis Brunner, shortfilm
Der Gast, director: Hrouchang Allahyari, cinema

2017 Gib dein Handy aus der Hand und nicht dein Leben, Spot, Polizei TV
Rocket Roll, Musikwebserie, director: Ramona Rotstich

2016 Nebenan, director:Barbara S.Müller, shortfilm
Verloren im Labyrinth, director:Peter Hengl, shortfilm

2012 Dinner für Gewinner, director Marc Simon, Marc Weber, shortfilm
Auroskopia, director: Thomas Hajnik, shortfilm

2011 Unter der Oberfläche, director: D. Iwan, M.Rauch, shortfilm
Abgestempelt, director: Patrick Wally, shortfilm
Überraschung, director: Sarah Weide, shortfilm

2010 Die Verantwortung des falschen Versprechens, director: D. Iwan, M. Rauch, shortfilm
Jessica, director: Torsten Büsing, Filmakademie, shortfilm
Echte Wiener 2, director: Barbara Gräftner, cinema

2009 Die Tasche, director: Caroline Bobek, Filmakademie, shortfilm

2008 Twisted Urban Legend, media productions, shortfilm
Ex – eine romantische Komödie, ORF, director: Michael Niavarani
2007 Hurenkarussel, director: Cajetan Jacob
2006 Fading away, Videoart, Doris Schmid
2004 Strafgericht Dr.Rothmeyer, ATV+ Gerichtsshow

Der Gott des Gemetzels, director: Ursula Leitner (opening night 2021)
Der Leichenschmaus, director: Franziska Wohlmann-Pfeifer
Flucht über die Berge, hiking theater, director: Andreas Kosek
Die 39 Stufen, director: Ursula Leitner
Ein Sommernachtstraum, director: Peter W.Hochegger
Der Letzte der feurigen Liebhaber, director: Josef Newerkla
Madame Mikado, director: Peter W.Hochegger ( 2020/21)
Die Grönholm-Methode, director: Josef Newerkla
Momo, director: Peter W.Hochegger
Der kleine Prinz, director: Peter W.Hochegger (2019)
Was jetzt, Professor Higgins, director: Günther V.Wlach
Zwei Stunden, director: Tobias Schilling ( 2019)
Alle Sieben Wellen, director: Peter W.Hochegger
Offene Zweierbeziehung, director: Peter W.Hochegger (2018/19/20/21)
Party für eine Leiche, director: Erich Wolf
Gute Geister, director: Peter W.Hochegger
Gut gegen Nordwind, director: Peter W.Hochegger
An die Grenze-Eretz Austria, director: Andreas Kosek
Was jetzt, Professor Higgins?, director: Günther V.Wlach
Warte bis es dunkel ist, director: Peter Hochegger
Nacht, Mutter, director: Peter Hochegger
Bezahlt wird nicht, director: Peter W.Hochegger
Komödie im Dunkeln, director:Peter W.Hochegger
Macht der Reiter Plumps, director: Günther V.Wlach
Jura Soyfer Revue, Teatro Caprile, director: Andreas Kosek
Der Raub der Francesca, director: Erwin Bail, Theater Experiment

Voice over
2021 5 years Team Digi, myUniqua, Voice Over, Annex Productions
2018 Glossary of Broken Dreams, Regie: Johannes Grenzfurthner, Voice Over, cinema
2015-2018 Deutsch im Alltag und Beruf, Klett Verlag
2013/2017-2022 short stories for the radio show ‚Einfach zum Nachdenken’, Ö1

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