Andrea Lessard

Hiya! Acting is my delight and I revel in any opportunity to engage in the craft and that includes reading for you!

I've been acting since my youth and continue to explore new techniques. I trained at New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. I've worked in both theater and film. I've also done extensive work behind the camera which has given me insight into the nature of film production as a whole and each department's needs which has served to deepen my understanding of the actor's role. Let's hone our skills together. Whether you need a straightforward read, a workshop session, or one of my state-of-the-art pep talks I am here for you.

Training includes:
On Camera

Andrea Lessard is an Entertainment 'Jack of All Trades' with experience in Acting, Writing, Producing, Production, Art Department, and Wardrobe. She understands how to serve the big picture and the necessity for specificity on all levels. She has worked primarily off-camera in the non-union sphere for the past ten years but has continuously trained as an actor and is now placing her first love front and center. Originally from Phoenix, AZ she came to Atlanta, GA by way of NYC. Her varied training and life experience provide relatability and authenticity to every performance.


" Andrea is a great reader whos able to jump right in an get moving. Book her! "