Andrea Dolente

Hi, I'm an experienced & diversely trained ACTOR and acting-COACH.

Tri-lingual English - French - Italian + a bit of Spanish and Russian.

I've trained with Susan Batson, Larry Moss & Tom Radcliffe (Sanford Meisner's direct disciple), and I've helped many actors book jobs both in films/tvseries and stage.
I can help you release your best performance in the shortest time.

If you need my help and I'm not online, you can email me at:

Actor for Theatre, Film & Television.
Repped by:
- The Markham Agency (UK)
- TNA Artists Management (Italy)
- Revenant Entertainment (US)

CREDITS Include: Murder Mystery, Outlander, Nightflyers, The Bureau, Coriolanus, Terror

Born in Taranto (Italy) and raised between Paris and London, Andrea Dolente is a perfectly trilingual actor. He has received an international and diverse professional training (London Guildhall Drama School, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre), has studied with Larry Moss, Susan Batson and Tom Radcliffe, and is well-versed in fencing and stage-fight. Andrea is a talented dancer and musician, as well as an experienced horse rider.

John Markham @TheMarkhamAgency (UK) & Emanuela Volpe @TNA-ArtistsManagement (Italy)

89 Reader Reviews

" Very kind and supportive reader! Was a very quick study for a very challenging scene with lots of comedic gags. "
" So amazing! Great actor and supporter! Makes it fun. "
" Great job! Thanks for the multilingual talent! :) "
" Wonderful as always! A fantastic coach. "
" Thank you! Super helpful and reassuring reader! Thanks for your help! "
" Fantastic reader and actor "
" Great reader, great actor, very flexible Love It "
" Amazing experience. SUPER satisfied and thankful for his feedback and ideas. Definitely worth my time. "
" Excellent reader! "
" Andrea was great! He made me feel comfortable and made it super easy. "
" Great energy "
" Fantastic! "
" Thanks! "
" Andrea was so wonderful to read with! He picked up on the character quickly and made doing the self-tape really fun. Thanks!! "
" I love working with Andrea. "
" Best reader I’ve had on here and in my entire career as an actor. Immensely knowledgeable of his craft and is able to make his notes relatable and specific so that you can better come to your truth. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else to come to your auditions for. "
" Awesome! Professional! Personable. Great read! "
" SUPER kind and patient. So easy to talk to and so helpful! "
" Good reader "
" I love working with Andrea because he really cares. He gets you where you need to be in the work and makes sure you leave satisfied. "
" I had to do a quick self-tape in 5 minutes and Andrea was great! Got right down to it and was a wonderful reader. "
" Aways a pleasure working with Andrea. Thank you ! "
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" Thank you Andrea! you rock "
" Awesome to work with!! "
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" Professional and a lot of depth. Great feedback and very insightful "
" Top notch!!! "
" Picked up the vibe of the scene on the first try, very good reader "
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" Andrea was great! I had to do this last minute and quickly and he STILL had the opportunity to help coach me on some different takes! Highly recommend - thank you!! "
" So fun and patient! Really enjoyed reading with Andrea! "
" Awesome reader ! He helped me get exactly what i needed for myself tape!! "
" Andrea was such a helpful reader and scene partner. He really helped me get out of my head and into the scene. He truly works off of what you are giving him, and his read is very grounded and honest! Thanks Andrea! "
" What a pleasure! Andrea was fabulous. Great notes and feedback. I will use him for my self tapes whenever I can. I highly recommend him! "
" Exactly what I need to practice self-taping! An excellent scene partner with perfect intensity, especially for what was a cold read for him. I'd cast him in everything! "
" Amazing Reader! Will definitely book again! "
" Lovely working with Andrea. We had a really playful session running lines and he helped me explore the text and uncover some new interpretations. Highly recommend booking him - I'm looking forward to our next session! Merci Andrea x "
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" Lovely, relaxed reader! Made me feel at ease instantly. Good scene/acting suggestions too! "
" Great scene analysis. Positive supportive reader. "
" Awsome "
" Très bon :-) "
" So helpful Andrea, thank you for your time. "
" Excellent reader, great advice, and cool person ! I recommend working with him. "
" So good! What a wonderful coach:) Will definitely use again. "
" Andrea was great! He gave great feedback and suggestions! Can't wait to have him as my reader again "
" Super helpful reader. Gave great notes and maintained professionalism during a very risqué scene. Would definitely work with Andrea again. "
" Good Work. "
" So incredibly helpful! "
" Above and beyond!!! he's the MVP!!! great adjustments, so patient and a great actor. thank you xoxoxo "
" Wowwwweeeeeee, where do I start? This guy is the KING. Please, listen to me, he's the KING. He's not only super talented, understanding and knowledgeable - he is also warm and creates a safe space like no other. If you want to ace your audition, you've got no other choice than to go with Andrea. He single-handedly made this tape what it was. "
" Thank you! "
" Excellent reader! Has wonderful insight and is incredibly kind. "
" Lovely to read with and with great insight as always. "
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" Really great advice and breakdown of the scene! "
" Very helpful "
" Andrea can see all your best qualities and bring them out of you in ways you never thought possible! If you want a kind soul who understands you enough to help you do your best: Read with Andrea! "
" Wow, Andrea is truly dedicated to Actors. He has been so generous with his time, and he really cares about Art. He helped me achieve my goals and has given me more than I could imagine. Each time I worked with Andrea, I had great feedback from my manager AND casting. I will definitely work with Andrea the next time I get an audition! "
" So lovely to work with! A great reader to work with, very present. Thanks Andrea! "
" Excellent! was so nice to have found someone who also trained at SBS. Andreas training is so well rounded. Passion for acting! We had a great time!! I got my tape done so quickly and easily. "
" Great Reader "
" ANDREA FREAKING ROCKS. like if you have to choose one person on this platform, let it be Andrea. He will help you get your acting to the absolute next level that you didn't even think was possible. Thank you! "
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" Awesome reader! Loved his amazing feedback! I highly recommend! "
" Excellent excellent excellent. Reviewed the sides quickly and gave a great performance...Patient to boot ;p. Thank you Andrea! "
" Amazing coach who helped me to bring truth to a very difficult character for me. I felt like he has a really a wonderful grasp of what makes a standout performance. Having worked with many top (and much more expensive) coaches over the years, I can say I think he is one of the best. I definitely recommend! "
" Andrea was so helpful and fun! :) "
" An exquisite reader. Highly recommended. :) "
" Great reader!! "
" He's lovely. "
" Really nice energy and in character responses. just let me run through it to get the lines and get a lot out of my 15 minutes "
" Awesome reader!! Very nice to meet you sir, Thanks for your patience. "

Credits Include

2021 [added]
The Diaries of Adam & Eve
2019 [IMDB]
Murder Mystery
2018/2020 [added]
2018 [IMDB]
TV Series
2017 [IMDB]
The Bureau
TV Series
2016 [IMDB]
TV Series
2016 [IMDB]
TV Series
2015 [IMDB]
The Honourable Rebel
2014 [IMDB]
Ad esempio
2014 [IMDB]
2013 [IMDB]
French Headache
2011 [IMDB]
Speed Bag
2006 [added]
Coriolanus (Shakespeare)