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BFA Rutgers University - Mason Gross School of the Arts


Hi, I'm Lindsay. I’m here to help! The most vital part of being a reader is to… listen to the actor!

My training at Rutgers was Meisner-based, which is all about working to and off of your partner. When reading together, you can rest assured that I will always be listening and responding to what you (and the character) is going through. Let's play!
Teachers included: Kevin Kittle, Barbara Marchant, Billy Carden, Jennifer Monaco, and Lenard Petit.

Need help with Shakespeare? I'm your girl.

While at Rutgers, I studied at Shakespeare's Globe Theater in London for seven months, training with coaches and directors who work directly with Globe productions. My teachers included: Giles Block (Speaking the Speech), Tim Carroll, Martin McKellan, and more. I'm happy to share exercises to help you see your text in a new light.

If you have any questions or seek any insights of how to find freedom within your breath and body, I'm happy to give some insight.

I've also been an instructor at the Rutger Summer Acting Conservatory for the last five years. My course, The Actor's Instrument, is a movement-based curriculum that unlocks the actor's ability to be a physical storyteller. We tap into the actor's sense of curiosity and awareness of their body, breath, and space.

I am a patient and supportive reader, with an emphasis on play, and I am here to help you with any concern or question about your piece!

If you would ever like to schedule in advanced feel free to email me at or my Instagram is @luckoflindsay.

Looking forward to working with you! :)

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Credits Include

2019 [IMDB]
High Street
2018 [added]
Calf Day
Short Film
2017 [added]
Yellow Fever
Short Film
2016 [added]
Love's Labour's Lost
2016 [added]
Drowning Ophelia
Philly Fringe
2016 [added]
An Oresteia
2015 [added]
Henry V
Globe Theater
2014 [added]
Rocket to the Moon
2009 [IMDB]
Sex Ed
Video short