Amela Sejdic

Hello there! My name is Amela Sejdic (A-me-la Sey-dich) from Vancouver, BC. I love to foster a fun, friendly environment when reading for you. I have an expressive, flexible voice that can adjust for whatever character you need me to read. I have General American and Canadian (West) accents. I also study psychology and have experience in mentoring, so reach out to me for reading or simply someone to practice lines with and receive a few tips.

Fun fact: I learned British English and can imitate some English accents here and there. I want to improve it to where it's extremely convincing. I also check my e-mail a lot, so I am available whenever (in GMT-8 time zone).

Casting Age Range: 17-25
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair Colour: Strawberry Blonde (Balayage)
Eye Colour: Blue

My roots start in theatre and drama improv. I’ve taken Drama classes, improv workshops, Commedia dell’arte training, movement training, Screen Acting School (Kirsten Clarkson) courses, university theatre courses, Stage to Screen Acting Workshop ran by actress Brittany Clough and directed my own visual storytelling piece in CA 130 (SFU). I’ve participated in a couple of skits and recently performed in a Hallmark Zoom play in the Ensemble, which is recorded and available to watch on (The NOT So Lucky Christmas Story).

My biggest strength is versatility and energy in performance. I’m expressive and can get my voice across powerfully. I have also performed in the pre-opening ceremony choir for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and in show choir Vancouver Pops for about a year. My special skills include Ballet/Hip Hop/Waltz dance, singing, flute, creative writing, improv, movement and languages (Conversational German, fluent Bosnian/Croatian).

I am currently not represented and looking for a TV/Film or Theatre agent. I am a theatre actor with no film credits. Please contact me for casting offers at

" Thanks for reading with me Amela! super helpful;) "

Credits Include

2020 [added]
The NOT So Lucky Christmas Story
Hallmark Theat Ensemble
2015 [added]
The Rooster and the Clock
Short Hallmark Dog, supporting
2014 [added]
The Gold Fish
Theatre play Villager, supporting
2013 [added]
Fairytale Musical: Cinderella
Drama 9, Burns Ugly Stepsister