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Hi there, I'm Amanda (my pronouns are she/her)! 😊

I've been working in film, TV and theatre as a professional actor for the last 7+ years. I have also been coaching for about 2 years, and I have professional experience as a reader at an acting studio for 3 years. I love what I do!

Do you have a big audition coming up? Want to work on your craft during some downtime? Or just want to shoot a scene for fun? I'd love to help! 🎥

Happy to read as many times as you need and provide feedback/direction if you want it.

I speak in a Standard American accent, and can also do an authentic Australian accent if needed (I grew up there). And I also speak Italian as my second language, if that's helpful!

If I'm not online, feel free to contact me to schedule a time:
Email -
Instagram - @amandasullo

⭐ A recent review: ⭐
"Selfishly I don't want to tell you guys how great Amanda is because I don't want her to get too busy to take my calls but the truth is she is a wonderful actress and a supportive partner and has great feedback to offer and does it in the most collaborative way. Strong recommend." – Abella

Ps. I also build websites for actors. If you're interested in knowing more, just let me know! 💻 Currently offering a discounted rate for We Audition members.

Amanda Sullo is a Canadian/Australian actress based in Vancouver, Canada.

Amanda plays a recurring role in season two of Disney/Freeform’s ‘Motherland: Fort Salem’, which airs on Freeform, Hulu and ABC Spark this summer.

She has played leading roles in numerous short films, including ‘Caller Unknown’, ‘The Pulse’, and the award-winning ‘Everything Before Me’. Amanda also played a supporting role in 'Corner and the Cutman' which toured to the HollyShorts Film Festival in Hollywood and the Montreal World Film Festival in 2015.

Her theatre credits include ‘The Red Tree’ with the National Theatre of Parramatta, and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ with PYT and the Australian Theatre for Young People.

Amanda studied Theatre and Performance at the University of NSW, and currently continues her studies at Anthony Meindl’s Actors Workshop Vancouver, and McIlroy and Associates.

She received the BBM/PACT Travelling Scholarship Award in 2016 in recognition of her achievements as an emerging artist. This led her to London to study at The Actors Centre, The Salon Collective and the London International School of Performing Arts.

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223 Reader Reviews

" Fantastic. 100% Recommend! "
" Amanda is the best!!! I love meeting readers I haven't read with before that I'm excited about working with again in the future. Thanks for the feedback and your input! "
" An amazing reader! "
" What a delightful person to work with. Enthusiastic, positive and helpful, with good insight to help your self recorded audition. "
" She's great! "
" Such a great reader! "
" Thank you! "
" Awesome actress and reader! "
" Great reader! "
" V game and ready to jump in; super helpful and kind! "
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" Really wonderful to work with! "
" She helped me out with an Australian accent! "
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" Very helpful and gave good suggestions "
" Amazing as usual! "
" Great as always! "
" So good! "
" Great, great reader! Awesome feedback and swiftly able to try out different reads on scenes "
" Thanks for the great session! "
" Super sweet, super great reader, super recommend!! :) "
" Such a great reader "
" Amanda was beyond amazing. She kept me on track, shared excellent feedback and ideas, and made me laugh, too! One of the most fun self-tapes in a while. Thanks, Amanda! "
" Really Really Awesome! Will read with her again for sure. "
" Perfect reader! Amanda is super experienced and knew what she was doing - got the tone, pacing, emotions of the scene perfectly for me. Thank you! "
" A pleasure to work with Amanda! "
" Absolutely nothing short of AMAZING, Her chemistry with the actors she works with is superb and I would recommend her to anyone ! "
" Fantastic reader as always! So nice, helpful and gives good suggestions! Thank you so much once again! "
" Amanda was amazing! Had great ideas and was so fun to play off of. Will definitely be looking for her in the future :) "
" Amanda is a really great reader! Excellent vibes! "
" Amanda was great! Very welcoming and professional. 100% recommend "
" SUCH a great cold reader!! So sweet, excellent energy -- jumped right in with me and kept up great pace and really made me feel confident!!! Love her! "
" Simply great. On all levels. "
" Amanda is very easy to work with, gives good insight and notes, and understands the text and speaks clearly. Great reader! "
" Amanda was so helpful, patient and was a great reader! I will definitely go to her again. Thank you!! "
" Helpful... as always! audition tape complete! "
" Rolls with the punches. Great improv with the script and I. "
" Super duper helpful. helped me memorize earlier today. and just now helped me tape the final audition. "
" Amanda picked up the character right away and gave great feedback when I asked for it! She was great to work with--definitely recommend! "
" Amanda was super helpful - we did some text analysis of two TV guest star scenes. "
" Amazing to work with! Amanda has really open, friendly energy which made me feel comfortable off the bat. She also had really great ideas to make my tape feel more complete! Thank you! "
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" Amanda is great! "
" Very patient and a wonderful reader!! Thank you! "
" Amanda is the best! "
" Great actor to read with "
" Fantastic reader! So nice and helpful and gives good suggestions. Thank you very much Amanda! "
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" Great! Did some great improv with me. Super patient. Great feedback and suggestions! "
" Excellent! "
" Amanda knows what she's doing. Great reader/actress. Highest recommendation. "
" Stellar! "
" Thank you for your work Amanda, running lines was a pleasure. "
" Amanda is lovely and fun to play with! She brings great energy to the work. Totally recommend working with her. "
" Great reader and amazing energy! "
" Amanda is awesome! Will definitely book again :) "
" Wonderful so lovely great voice too "
" Great as always! "
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" Great reader! "
" Helpful and lovely! "
" So fun to read with and very sweet :) "
" Amanda was so patient and awesome! Highly recommend "
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" Great reader. "
" Would definitely use again! Generous reader, great organic listening and reacting! :) "
" Awesome reader and performer! "
" Amazing! Super helpful and present! "
" Amanda is AMAZING! She understood the scene instantly and her timing is impeccable. She gave me so much to work with, while still being extremely fluid and natural. I cannot wait to work with her again! <3<3<3 "
" So lovely! Thanks for your focus and feedback! "
" Amanda was a great reader! Very sweet and patient! "
" Amanda was great! loved working with her on my scene "
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" Fun! Great reader, great suggestions! Gave me a great idea for a button, and I ran with it, and feel great about it!! "
" We jumped right in! Friendly and good suggestions :) "
" Really great notes and kept me in the investigation and play while also being specific about what we were accessing in the take. YAY AMANDA! "
" Fantastic reader! Super nice and patient. Thank you very much! "
" Thank you for the extra mile!!!! "
" Amanda was super nice, patient and very very helpful! Great ideas, notes, and feedback. "
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" Great reader. Mine was so short this time, hope I can use you again for a longer scene next time! "
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" Great reader! "
" Such a joy to work with. Thank you Amanda!! "
" Great reader! I had a short amount of time to do a couple of sides and she was super accommodating! "
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" Great suggestions in breaking down script..we've worked before and we'll work again. "
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" Excellent reader - very easy to work with. "
" Amanda was a delight to run lines with. I was a bit of a nervous nelly and not feeling prepared for the scene. Like a pro she ran lines with enthusiasm over and over for an hour with me and she was so chill to boot. Would def work w her again! "
" Lovely, simple read! "
" So fun to read with and picked up the script right away! thank you so much! "
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" Clear, present, supportive. fabulous reader. "
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" Fabulous, fabulous! "
" What a lovely presence and energy! So helpful, will definitely work with again. "
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" Such great notes, really top notch! "
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" A pro, through and through. Ta, Amanda!! "
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" Amanda was great! really helped me work through all of my scenes> "
" Wonderful, patient and lovely reader! "
" Thank you Amanda..we read before I ws being taped...she picked up on a few things I missed and that was so helpful "
" Easy breezy "
" Amanda was such a pro and provided super helpful requested notes on my performance. I'd definitely work with her again! "
" Rockstar!! Explained what I needed for the scene, and we nailed it on the first take! And she was reading for 2 characters. Will happily have her read again. Thanks, Amanda! :) "
" Extremely Poised, Patient, and Gives AMAZING Feedback and character choices when requested to! Book Her! "
" Amanda was so helpful! Great to work with, cant wait to read with her again "
" Thank you! So great! Open to giving me exactly what I needed to tell the story of the scene. 10/10 "
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" Wonderful reader!!! "
" Wonderful reader :) Patient and great advice! "
" Selfishly I don't want to tell you guys how great Amanda is because I don't want her to get too busy to take my calls but the truth is she is a wonderful actress and a supportive partner and has great feedback to offer and does it in the most collaborative way. Strong recommend. Thanks Amanda! "
" Gave great, to the point tips, & worked quickly & professionally under a time crunch! Thank you! "
" Great reader - Gave a couple great notes and got me to a great performance! Thank you, Amanda :-) "
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" Great!!! "
" Amanda was a great reader! She helped me rehearse yesterday and then we recorded my self-tape today. Thanks Amanda! "
" Great reader! "
" Amanda was great! Very patiently read with me and helped me analyze the sides I just started working on. "
" Great reader! Very patient and helpful, Thank you so much!! "

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