Ama Dwaah

Hello Readee!

I am an actress that has completed many self-tapes and face-to-face auditions.

Ama Dwaah is an actress, known for Finale (2021).

I can help you to understand more about your character in the sides. I am also flexible to work in a way that suits you, offer feedback and ensure you feel comfortable with the objectives of the read to ensure you get the most of the time we have before filming any self-tapes!

I can also help you get better at embracing the identity of your character and situation through improvisation.

I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for checking out my profile.

FEES/TIPS: I have purposely not set any fees because I know how difficult it can be as an actor. Ideally I would prefer a tip after each session but if you are not in a position to do so, please don't feel like you have to!

P.S if I am ever offline and you want my help you can reach me on instagram via DM @ama_dwaah

Ama :-)


My name is Ama and welcome to my profile!

I am Black British actress based in the UK. I speak English, Twi and basic Yoruba, German and can speak in a range of UK, African and Caribbean accents.

I work film, theatre and was recently casted for the short film FINALE, directed by Anthony Vander.

I am also classically trained on the violin and can play contemporary music! Currently I am training at Actors In Session.

Lastly, I am athletic, horse ride and am very good at with black hair care.

Thanks for checking out my profile.

Ama D x

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" Lovely, and so encouraging! "
" Great reader and great advice thank you so much "
" Thank you so much!!! "
" Wonderful to work with! great ideas, chill personality, excellent! "
" So happy to work with Ama! Lots of great suggestions and feedback. "
" Really great reader. Patient and gave helpful direction! Highly recommend . "
" AMAZING FEEDBACK!! Loved her energy 🖤 "
" Wondeful, great notes! "
" Great to read lines with ! "
" Best reader with great notes! "
" Very helpful and helped with staging to get the best camera angle "

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