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Hi! I've been acting and entertaining in theater, film, and television since childhood.

Aside from being a professional SAG-AFTRA actor and V.O. artist, I was a Casting Assistant, Acting Coach, and Talent Coordinator at The Disney Studios in Florida, worked at Florida's only professional dinner theater in Orlando, was a member of "Second City" in Las Vegas, and spent many years working with one of Nevada's top casting companies conducting auditions and being a reader.

I can do many different dialects and voices. My read can be "flat" so you're character is emphasized or give you the full emotional range you need to bounce off of to help ensure your submission is as genuine as it would be on screen.

I'm always ready to provide feedback and suggestions and work to ensure you're audition is the way you want it so you BOOK THE JOB!!!

I'll stay on with you as long as you need to ensure you're happy with your audition video and performance.

For information on Private Coaching Sessions, please email me at:


I'm looking forward to working with you.

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Venmo: @Alistair-Herz

Hi! I've been acting and entertaining in theater, film and television since childhood.

Aside from being a professional actor and V.O. artist, I was a Casting Assistant at The Disney Studios in Florida, worked at Florida's only professional dinner theater in Orlando, was a member of "Second City" in Las Vegas, and spent several years working with one of Nevada's top casting companies conducting auditions and being a reader.

I can do many different dialects and voices. My read can be "flat" so you're character is emphasized or give you the full emotional range you need to bounce off of to help ensure your submission is as genuine as it would be on screen.

I'm always ready to provide feedback and suggestions and work to ensure you're audition is the way you want it.

I'm looking forward to working with you.

Baron Entertainment (323) 969-1000 Rod Baron: Becky Glass: Amy Glass: assistant@baronentertainm

200 Reader Reviews

" Awesome reader as always! "
" My go to reader on We Audition. Thanks again for all the wonderful notes Alistair! "
" Amazing as always!!! "
" Great reader and actor. I'd recommend working with him if you want to elevate your performance. "
" Awesome as always, my go to reader!! "
" Always a fantastic read with Alistair! "
" Great reader! "
" Incredible reader with amazing and specific feedback. Will definitely book Alistair again! "
" Stellar...just incredible - the encouragement - the insight - one of my go to's "
" Great reader! Alistar is easy going and a great supporter! "
" This guy was awesome! the most fun i had doing a selftape in a while! "
" The best!! "
" As always Alistair is a huge help with scripts! I was struggling to find other angles and he was a huge help. "
" Wonderful patient reader! He had all the notes and tricks to offer haha "
" He was awesome! "
" Great reader! "
" Super helpful. Asked how to deliver the lines, gave actions tips and even rehearsed a couple of shots to have various reads. Will definitely Recommend!! "
" Amazing !! "
" Great energy and great reader! "
" Really helpful, great insight "
" Great feedback "
" Really wonderful person and reader. I found him to really boost my confidence! Thank you! "
" Alistair is AWESOME!! He helped me find points in my scene to make it even stronger and I got an even better take. 100% recommended!! "
" Nice! Thank you, Alistair! :) "
" Present and strong. "
" Super helpful! "
" Great reader! I had a lot of annoying nitpicky notes and he nailed it. Will book again. "
" Super cool...excellent reader with tips if you need them. "
" Great Reader! "
" Thank you so much for your help and suggestions, Alistair! Your kind words and encouragement meant so much to me! I will definitely seek your help again for my self-tapes! "
" Encouraging, very helpful feedback! "
" Sooooo many amazing suggestions! Total professional and such a collaborator! "
" The greatest reader and coach I've ever worked with!!! "
" Second time reading with Alistair! Wonderful yet again - gave me exactly what I needed and was willing to play along with the scene which helped get the perfect take! "
" Best reader I've worked with so far, thank you for coaching me through the self tape! "
" So motivating and specific "
" Alistair was great! Gave me so much to work with! Helped me pull the scene together. "
" Awesome reader!!! Thank you so much!!! "
" OMG!!! OMG!! Very helpful and I love his helpful technique he gave me!! "
" Always awesome, even on the most bizarre & contentless scenes he has so many great ideas! "
" Great working with Alistair; he really helped me bring out the comedy of the lines & have some fun. "
" Alistair is amazing, lots of great energy and helpful tips! "
" Great great reader! "
" Alistair is AMAZING!! "
" Alistair is willing to do whatever you need to book the job! I appreciated that he took notes of where to pause, or tones for different lines so it would fit my audition perfectly. Thank you! "
" I absolutely loved Alistair's energy! He quickly understood the character and what I was looking for. I would love to read with him again. Thank you! "
" The power of visualization! That tip completely transformed my performance! He cares about you doing you're best. He is here for you! "
" G.O.A.T "
" First time working with Alistair today and what a pleasure! He is so kind and patient. Thank you Alistair ! "
" So kind and a generous reader! "
" Always such a pleasure working with Alistair! He has such great energy and all the patience to get you the tape you are happy with! All while offering great tips to enhance your scene! Thank you again! "
" Awesome Reader! Helped me enhance my performance for my self-tape. "
" Best reader on here! "
" Really thorough and helpful. "
" Alistair helped me with my scene for acting class and coached me through out. He is such a great coach and reader and I can't wait to "knock my class's socks off" tomorrow! "
" Very excitable! "
" I can't overstate how warm and gracious Alistair is. Not only will he give you a committed read (complete with any adjustments you might ask of him), but he will also be your tireless cheerleader throughout the whole process. Appreciate you, good sir!! "
" Super super helpful !!!! "
" Awesome insight and very helpful/encouraging :) "
" Great reader!! Loved his notes and was so kind!! "
" Love working with Alistair. Seriously helps me relax into my takes and gives amazing direction to improve every self tape. "
" Alistair was great! He was my first reader and gave me the inside scoop/rundown of how everything works with We Audition. We ran through my scene a handful of times, he gave some tips/insight, and I feel much more comfortable with my scene. Will definitely work with him again! "
" Alistair is one of a kind. Not only is he a great reader, he is present and gives great tips. "
" Super sweet! Great direction and really took his time to help me get some great takes! Highly Reccommend "
" Great to work with...makes the reading fun! "
" What a great reader!!! Alistair puts everything into your audition with you. He is so helpful & insightful with nailing choices with you. A definite asset to read with....BOOK HIM NOW!!! "
" Thank you so much for your coaching help! Energy was so positive and read was super helpful. Paying it forward!!! :-) "
" Alistair is my Star!! Grab him if you see him, I promise you will love your read with him. He is amazing with feedback and redirects. 🤩 "
" Great reader with excellent feedback "
" Alistair went above and beyond as a reader. It was my first time using WeAudition and he gave me a fantastic tour of the features and best tips. Enormous patience and lovely heart! "
" Alistair was the MOST reassuring, helpful, and insightful reader I could ask for. Thanks so much!! cant wait to work again. "
" Thank you for helping me in in a pinch! :) "
" Once again! Great energy and ready to jump right in and create! Thank you again Alistair! "
" Alistar was AMAZING, Great notes and very patient and encouraging!! Defiantly recommend. "
" Amazing Reader. Gave the best advice for various takes for the scene. Alistair is fantastic. "
" Great read with Alistair! Lots of feedback and different ideas for the characters. Appreciate it! "
" Very generous with time and encouraging. Fun to work with, looking forward to next time! "
" Seriously the best reader. Highly suggest Alistair! "
" Alistair was really helpful and knowledgeable. Looking forward to hiring him for private coaching. "
" Supportive AF "
" Really enjoyed our session. Thank you Alister. "
" Always super helpful! "
" Super easy to work with. Thanks for all your help. "
" So much fun reading with Alistair. Opened the session with such amazing energy and vibes. Go to person for IMRPOV!! Ah! So glad I saw you on here! "
" Alistair is amazing to work with, gave me alot of good notes and resources. Hire Him!!!! "
" Great reader, enthusiastic and attentive... strong understanding of the scene. "
" He is very encouraging and made some helpful suggestions. Good reader! "
" Great to read with. 5 Stars! "
" Really went above and beyond with his time and energy, he's very passionate about the work and the craft and was so amazingly helpful. Also, very knowledgeable with amazing tips! "
" Wonderfully supportive and full of industry info! "
" This guy is amazing!!!! He's always sharing knowledge. "
" Alistair is so inciteful and we really broke the script down. I learned a lot about visualization and playing different emotions. LOVE!!! "
" Alistair was amazing! He has great energy and gave super insightful notes! "
" Excellent. One of the best readers Ive had of this site. takes time, offers great notes and very patient. Awesome guy! "
" Alistair was wonderful! "
" Awesome...! Gave great helpful suggestions & was very receptive to direction. Really helped shape the scene beautifully. "
" Alistair is absolutely lovely. Works with you exactly how you need him to and is experienced in the business. "
" Experienced and insightful reader, be ready to take notes and your work will shine! "
" As always, great ideas and extremely enthusiastic! Love working with Alistair! "
" Thank you! "
" Alistair is patient and very communicative! He was so encouraging - he made me feel like a superstar! :) Will book him again! "
" Great ready and amazing direction. "
" Alistair is super professional - easy to talk to and work with. He's not just a reader - he's a professional actor and casting director who has experience both in front and behind the camera. What a pleasure to work with and that's not easy to find on WeAudition. Much love! "
" Nice and patient reader. Easy to work with and get along with. "
" Such a great reader and very patient and helpful "
" Alistair is a gem! Thank you for helping me prep for my callback! You were such a pleasure to work with :) "
" Alistair is so kind and encouraging, he really knows how to lift your spirits! "
" Fantastic and encouraging reader. Alistair is so affirming and it's a de light to spend time with him! Thank you Alistair! "
" Alistair was GREAT!!! "
" Alistair was a great reader, very patient and friendly! "
" Amazing energy, super friendly "
" Alistair was AMAZING as usual. I wish I could carry him around in my pocket for auditions. BOOK HIM TODAY. "
" Alistair was so kind and generous with his time. It was my first time using WeAudition and he walked me through the whole process. He even offered career advice which was helpful for someone just starting out. I had a great time and got great self tapes! "
" Amazing as always! Had a time restraint on my end and was still great. "
" Alistair was so wonderful to work with. What a professional and great person to talk to. He provided suggestions when asked. "
" He not only reads but coaches. Highly recommend. "
" Oh my gosh you definitely need to get Alistair as your reader when you see him! Great energy, wonderful feedback and tips - he will help you book the role ***** 🤩 "
" Alistair is a great reader! Very positive! Definitely read with him! "
" Great energy and read - thank you! "
" Fantastic reader. "
" Amazing reader!! So cool, so encouraging and so helpful! Really made me excited to tape this, thank you so much Alistair! "
" Absolutely brilliant, feel blessed, gave eveything that I needed today. "
" Wow! he is an amazing reader, and patient:) "
" Awesome notes and if you need a Russian Accent Alistair is spot on! "
" AMAZING READER and gave really wonderful feedback. "
" Alistair was Amazing helping me prepare for a callback which went AMAZING. Thanks again. "
" Really Cool Guy, Great reader, killer British accent!!!1 "
" Friendly and very helpful. Alistair is a great coach who will help you nail your audition! "
" One of the coolest cats I've chatted with. Super easy to react off his read "
" So enthusiastic and a lot of fun to work with! "
" Great help and awesome read as always! "
" This guy is awesome! would never hesitate to work with him again!!!! Came out feeling 200% :) "
" This Guy made me feel too comfortable doing this scene that I forgot I was acting!!! Great times!!! "
" Alistair is the real deal. Great reader and spot-on notes. "
" Alistair was THE BEST! I will be using him for all my tapes to come. He was patient, very knowledgeable and gave GREAT tips to make my scene AMAZING. Thank you sooo much. "
" What a great guy, actor and reader! "
" Great Reader and fantastic energy! Even gave some great notes for the scene! "
" Amazing energy! "
" Great Reader "
" Very kind and diligent; thanks for a pleasant rehearsal, Alistair. "
" Incredible. so helpful.. went above and beyond. "
" Great reader! Patient! Really cares about getting it right. "
" Alistair! Thank you so much! So nice meeting you & I appreciate all your help. "
" Always an excellent reader and gives great advice on scenes. "
" Alistair knows his stuff! Very generous and fun reader. Highly recommend. "
" Great "
" Very kind, helpful, and generous with his time! Thanks so much for the help! "
" Alistair is a stellar reader! He gave great acting notes as well as technical adjustments when it comes to recording self tapes with a virtual reader. Super encouraging and will definitely book him again! "
" Awesome reader, gets it done! "
" Such a helpful reader- super patient and gives so many helpful tips. Thank you! "
" Great read as always. "
" Thank you for your time! "
" So amazing! Gave great direction when asked and really helped me get a strong tape, will definitely read with Alistair again :) "
" Super friendly and encouraging! He gave me great tips to break up the scene! "
" Amazing reader! I had comedy scenes and he really gave some very helpful insights on pacing and notes on actions to make the takes even better. So much patience with me too with all my mess ups! And a great cheersquad!! Highly recommend to help reach your peak performance for your selftape. "
" INCREDIBLE, helped nail my Audition tape and break down the U/S accent. So grateful!! "
" Such a caring supportive reader! I really appreciated his energy and positivity! "
" Alistair was so great and helpful! Nice personality and professional! Looking forward to working with you more! "
" Thank so much Alistair for another great read! Really appreciate it! "
" Very encouraging! "
" Very helpful and accommodating "
" So helpful "
" What an great experience! Highly recommend! "
" Thanks so much Alistair for your enthusiasm and being such a supportive reader especially with the lag. Really appreciate you being able to help me tighten up the pacing! You rock! "
" Very kind and patient. Thank you!! "
" Great "
" Please don't assume actors are looking for an acting coach on here or want feedback which should only be offered if/when asked. However thanks for helping with running my lines which is all I needed. "
" AMAZING!!! WOW, he is SO knowledgable, generous, and takes the time to really help you! I would highly recommend him!!! "
" What a gem!! Alistair is smart and patient and gives terrific notes. 100% recommend!! "
" Amazing actor and professional with an awesome vibe! "
" Can't say enough about how AWESOME he is. Sweet, focused, helpful EVERYTHING! "
" Such an awesome reader! Thank you for the good notes and helping me make the scene come to life. You're great! :) "
" Lifesaver!! Thank you!! "
" Great notes and very motivational! Awesome to read with! "
" You want this guy reading for you...believe me! AMAZING! "
" Funny, really friendly, easy to work with! "
" Excellent! Very patient and encouraging. "
" Really wonderful, supportive reader! Highly recommend Alistair. "
" Great reader, great tips "
" Generous reader, with great positive energy! "
" He really put his all into it!! Had some great notes to try! "
" Another easy read! "
" Alistair was very patient with me and made me feel comfortable. He had some great suggestion also. I highly recommend him. "
" Great stuff! thanks very much "
" Really helpful! And very Kind!! "
" Really great reader with helpful notes! "
" Great guy! "
" Alistair was a professional with great advice! I enjoyed my experience, and highly recommend him! "
" Great patient reader with great suggestions! "
" Amazing energy with Alistair! Loved the chat and the notes! Fun guy and made the process more fun! I highly recommend! :) :) "
" Great help ! & super positive ! "
" Super kind and helpful. Gave me advice as well! Would def book again. "
" Alistair was incredibly generous with his time and offering to adjust his read to suit my needs and preferences. An extremely generous and supportive scene partner. Thank you, Alistair! "
" Really sweet and helpful reader! Highly recommend! "
" Such a joy to read with Alistair! Thanks so much! "
" Alistair is a WONDERFUL scene partner! Love his suggestions. Highly recommend him. "
" Super easy to work with. Alistair gave great advice! "
" Alistair was an amazing reader. Gave me excellent suggestions. Top-notch and one of my favorites readers. "

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