Alicia S Mason

Hi! I am a Los Angeles/San Francisco based actress who loves to work with others to create stories. I completed a 2 year training program in the Meisner Technique as well as intensive workshops with the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and Larry Moss.

I work regularly in the Los Angeles and Bay Area markets doing film, commercials and theater. I pride myself on taking the time to break down scripts and bring my best when reading with fellow actors. Always open to give feedback if that is what you would like but totally fine with just being your supportive reader. I’m always down to do what works best for you and makes you feel like you nailed your self tape! It's great to collaborate, meet new people and keep my craft sharp!

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Alicia Mason is a Bay Area actor, daughter, partner and diligent pet mom. She was raised by parents who served in the military and a mother who was a clinical psychologist, who taught her the value of understanding all that encompasses the human experience. Her goal and mission as an actor is to tell stories that move and transform the audience and highlight the communities of color she grew up in.


" Super professional and an amazing reader. Great with pacing, changeups, and difficult dialogue. "
" Alicia is great!!! "
" Such a great reader!! Really talented and insightful and was so helpful in getting into the scenes. Thanks so much Alicia! "
" Thank you! Natural reader and super patient! "
" Alicia is SO lovely. Great to work with, work out beats and tone! "
" Alicia was LOVELY! She so graciously shared lots of info/tips with me. Will definitely reach out again :) "

Credits Include

2019 [IMDB]
A Day with Benton
2018 [IMDB]
Designer Genes