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I love helping people tape, rehearse, and play!

I'm an AEA & SAG-E actor, singer, director, and writer based in New York City. I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. I received my MFA in Acting from The New School for Drama and my BA in Comparative Literature from The University of Chicago. I'm fluent in French and I'm proficient in Serbo-Croatian and Macedonian. I've worked as a reader at One on One in NYC and with Audition Arts, and I've been a reader for a few NY-based casting directors. Most recently, I was in the fall finale of Law & Order: "The System."

Alexandra Merritt Mathews (She/Her/Hers) is an AEA and SAG-E actor, singer, director, and writer based in New York City. She was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. Alexandra received her MFA in Acting from The New School for Drama and her BA in Comparative Literature from The University of Chicago. She's fluent in French and she's proficient in Serbo-Croatian and Macedonian. She's fully vaccinated against COVID-19. She can work as a local hire in Buffalo, Boston, LA, Chicago, DC, and Atlanta.

Legit Rep: UGA Talent Contact U-Shin Kim at Commercial/VO: Ingber & Associates Contact Blake Lowell at blakelowell.ingber@gmail

330 Reader Reviews

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" Da best "
" Starting the year with a great reader! Alexandra is amazing. "
" Always excellent and thoughtful! "
" Fantastic collaborator! Asks what you want from her and from the session, provides fantastic insight, and is a wonderful cold reader. Thank you! "
" Alexandra was exceptional. Patient, kind, supportive, and a true teacher/coach. I had a quick turnaround on a longer audition and she really helped me turn in something I was proud of! "
" Great reader "
" Fantastic, skilled, courteous. "
" I adore working with Alexandra! So helpful. "
" Thank you !!! "
" LOVE LOVE LOVE reading with Alexandra! SO on point, awesome awesome energy and feedback, such a sharp eye - highly recommend! Thank you Alexandra! "
" It was amazing to work with Alexandra!!! "
" Alexandra is absolutely amazing to work with!! Great, well trained actor who then supports other actors in the best ways possible while still allowing you to do your thing!! Would love to work with her again!! Thank you!! "
" A+++ "
" Alexandra was fantastic, great reader, great to work with. "
" So lovely snd professional. Thank you Alexandra! "
" Always wonderful. Super supportive and patient "
" A joy as always. Truly can't recommend enough! "
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" So patient- an absolute gem. Thank you!! "
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" Wonderful as always and gives great feedback. "
" I cant think of new ways to say shes my fav. bye! "
" Amazing feedback and reader. Love her!! "
" SUCH A DELIGHT!! I'm soooo happy I got to read with Alexandra finally - SPOT ON with feedback, super supportive of your creative process, and stays present with you - she'll help you tell the story of your scene in the best way possible! Definitely definitely read with Alexandra! "
" Lovely person, Great reader. "
" Fabulous reader and was really patient and helped me get to the nitty gritty of what my blocks were. Thanks Alexandra! "
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" Thanks "
" U da best queen "
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" Alexandra is so natural she jumped right in and brought a lot of life to the other character. SO much fun to read with! great energy! "
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" Thank you boo "
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" Such a lovely reader, really connects to the script and brings great energy "
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" Alexandra is amazing! Super sweet and great reader. "
" Alexandra was so wonderful!!! Amazingly supportive, prompt, professional, and also a big help with analyzing the scene and making choices. I couldn't have asked for a better reader!!!! "
" Great reader! "
" Thanks so much for your great attitude and jumping right into the scene. "
" Great "
" Awesone and wonderful and sooooo honest and helpful. "
" Fantastic. Smart, Generous and present. "
" So great as always "
" Wonderful thanks so much ! "
" Alexandra was so fun to improv with! I had a blast exploring the characters with her. "
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" Alexandra is wonderful, full of positive energy and a great reader and actress! "
" If I could give Alexandra 10 stars I would. So professional. Helpful. Patient, kind, incredibly smart and intuitive. Probably the best reader I’ve ever had and know my self tape was enhanced by her presence in a complex and difficult scene. Can’t wait to work with her again! "
" Super patient, attentive and efficient. I got a great tape out of our session and I will definitely be booking Alexandra again! "
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" Super impressed with Alexandra!! Fantastic at cold reads and kind and supportive. "
" Excellent! "
" GREAT! "
" A QUEEN. A true life saver. Use Alexandra for all your self-tapes. You will be so deeply taken care of in every-way. "
" Always wonderful to work with!!! "
" Got the chance to work with Alexandra again and she was fantastic! "
" Alexandra was amazing! Helped me with different takes and provided awesome feedback!! Hope to work with you again sometime :) "
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" Alex helped me with a French self tape ! So fun ! "
" Great reader. "
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" One of my FAVS! Always adds to the fun and has amazing energy! :) "
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" I needed someone who could improvise the script with me and ham it up - Alexandra was awesome! We got all the takes we needed in 15 minutes. "
" Always a fantastic rehearsal partner & reader. Thanks. "
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" Such a great reader, always! "
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" Fantastic as always! "
" The best!!!! "
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" Super sweet and helps you land the best take. Thank you. "
" Fabulous! Definitely recommend! "
" I love, love love Alexandra. Very helpful and insightful. I'm definitely using working with her again. "
" Loved working with Alexandra! She's super patient and kind, was able to really help me get off-book. I will definitely book with her again. "
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" Just perfect for what I needed. Helped me with a big audition. She was So patient, SO generous and helpful. THANK YOU! "
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" Great job and she shared good tips "
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" A Rockstar of a reader! and an honorary Canadian xo "
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" Book Alexandra! She's the best :) "
" So great! "
" Awesome Reader! "
" Alexandra was super efficient and generous to work with! Highly recommend "
" A truly amazing reader and actor! SO Supportive and helpful. Do yourself and your audition a huge favor by working with Alexandra! She is Phenomenal! "

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