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Hello there!

I'd absolutely love to help you as a reader - I'm a perfectionist so I will help ensure that we smash the scene and you feel as prepared and happy as possible with the take! I'll give as much or little feedback as you want me to give.

With 18 years experience in the industry, I've been lucky enough to perform worldwide in a whole range of exciting projects. From working on Channel 4's 'Hollyoaks' and giving birth on screen to being a performance capture and motion capture artist on Epic Games' 'Fornite' to working on the 'The Princess Switch 3' (Netflix), I've covered a lot of different ground! From TV, film, theatre, commercials, video games, corporate jobs to clowning and voiceovers, I've been fortunate to try my hand at a whole range of things.

Fully trained in the UK, whilst perfecting my craft on courses across the world, I strive for success and want to bring that bit of sparkle to our read together!

Feel free to contact on email or Instagram to arrange a time: / @alexalee_____

Thanks :)

Lexi x


My name is Lexi and I am a British actor!

My most recent TV and film work includes:

The Princess Switch 3 - Netflix

Sadie Cressington - 'Hollyoaks' - I entered the village of Chester causing chaos and drama, and brought a new baby into the show (giving birth on screen!). Tony Hutchinson is the baby's grandfather!

Wendy - 'Mommune' - This new BBC comedy web series focuses on three single mothers who highlight the importance of communicating with your baby from an early age.

Gem - CBBC'S 'The 4 O'Clock Club - Gem brought a playfulness to the show acting as a TIE entertainer to which the students were not impressed with!

I'm also an experienced performance capture artist, working worldwide providing both motion capture and also performance capture for different companies and projects. I've worked with companies such as: Epic Games on their game 'Fornite', Riot Games and perform in a number of demos for facial animation company: Cubic Motion and mocap company: Vicon.

My most notable project to date would be the collaboration between Epic Games, Tencent, 3Lateral, Cubic Motion and Vicon to create the digital human: Siren. 'Siren' was performed live in San Francisco at GDC and other global gaming conventions, and I was the actor behind her, driving Siren live in real-time.


I continue to work very closely with Epic Games - being their actor for their latest Unreal Engine PS5 Demo that has just been released. I provided the full performance capture - body motion capture along with voice and face.


I have a lot of commercial and corporate experience also, working on campaigns for companies such as: Sony, Superdrug, Nestle and Go Outdoors to name a few.

I am constantly looking to improve as an actor, and therefore continually trying to gain new skills. I am currently doing a diploma in BSL (British Sign Language).

I look forward to seeing what the future holds!

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Manchester United Stadium Tour
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2021 [added]
The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star
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TV Pilot
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Unreal Engine 5 PlayStation Demo
Motion Capture
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League of Legends
Video Game Dev
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BBC Online Ser
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The 4 O'Clock Club
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Still Open All Hours
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Holland & Barrett - #CleanerBeauty
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Go Outdoors
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Nathan Grisdale: Miss Understood
Video short
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Sony VR Playstation Launch
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Mrs Ratcliffe's Revolution
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The King and I (UK Tour)
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The King and I (UK Tour)