Albert Lew

Reads for free & accepts tips

Welcome! I am a SAG-AFTRA eligible actor/musician based in Los Angeles, where I have lived over 15 years. Since starting my career, I have booked over 30 speaking/principal roles in 18+ months.

Things I can help you:
- help you with pronunciation (English)
- Meisner practice (relationships stage)

NO MONETARY CHARGE (FREE) for under an hour - only a kind review is asked in return. If session is one hour or longer, $15 in addition to a kind review is asked.

In case my beacon is off and you want to schedule a session with me, here is how you can reach me:

Hope to see you crush your audition!



Albert Lew is an Asian American actor and writer known for his reluctant yet convicted, thoughtful characters as well as his compelling on-screen presence. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering as well as obtaining a Master's degree in the same field of study, all preceding professional engineering work before turning his attention to acting and writing.

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" Great reader, great energy. "
" Very helpful and fun to work with! "
" Thanks!!!! Amazing reader!!!! "
" Albert is an incredibly generous and kind reader. He holds space for you to rehearse and also gently offers advice on key moments. You can feel his personal commitment to the craft and passion for making films come through! Deeply grateful for your time.    "
" Awesome dude! Highly, highly recommended! "
" Albert was awesome and super patient! "