Aimee McGuire

upto 15 mins : $ 3.00
upto 30 mins : $ 6.00
upto 60 mins : $ 10.00

Hey friend!
I'm Aimee- an actress and writer in Los Angeles, and I'd love to help you BOOK THAT AUDITION!
I'm trained in both comedy and drama, and have been an actress for over a decade. (I'm not gonna tell you exactly how many years because our age is supposed to be a mystery, right?!)

I promise to go with your workflow and be professional and friendly along the way.
Let's rehearse!

Adjectives I get often:
-Period-Piece Friendly

I'm a licensed esthetician, I have 2 dogs (that book commercial work with me frequently!), raised in NM (local hire) and am super easy to work with.

Kate Flook- Tinoco Management

68 Reader Reviews

" Thank you, Aimee. Lovely, lovely, awesome, awesome. Will call upon her again! "
" Aimee was great! Very patient and gave me a lot to work off of. Highly recommend her. "
" Aimee was really helpful with a scene I'm preparing for class. She did some improv with me too, to help me live in the character. Thanks Aimee! "
" Really helped me get some lines learned in a hurry! "
" So great to work with. great suggestions. calm and supportive. professional. easy to read with and fun! "
" Absolutely amazing reader! "
" I enjoy working with Aimee. She's supportive, friendly and knowledgeable. Helped me get where I wanted to be on my scene. "
" Awesome listener! "
" Super attentive! "
" Aimee was such a kind reader and gave amazing notes! "
" A wonderful experience with Aimee! She was exactly what I needed - delivered the perfect read, helped me experiment a little and offered great advice too! Highly recommend ! "
" FABULOUS, helpful, patient and great direction. Work with Aimee, you won't regret it. "
" Aimee is super friendly and made the reading fun! Thankful for the hints and tips as well :) "
" Great! "
" Aimee is on her game and fabulous! "
" Amazing!! Love working with Aimee!! "
" Thank you! "
" Amazing energy and gave great direction! "
" Really great reader, loved working with Aimee!! "
" Aimee was great! Thank you so much "
" Great reader "
" Such fun to work with. Thank you for the great notes! "
" Aimee is SO kind, insightful, and is great at finding beautiful moments. HIGHLY recommend!!! "
" Great reader , understands material quickly! "
" Lovely reader! "
" Aimee offered excellent suggestions and was a great scene partner! "
" Aimee was very helpful and friendly. Great to work with!!! "
" Aimee is a joy to work with! A very sharp mind and a very giving scene partner "
" Aimee is awesome! Great with comedy, intuitive, patient, wonderful suggestions. "
" Amazing reader! Hilarious with improv and able to really be one with a grounded scene. Thanks so much Aimee!!! "
" Aimee is awesome. Great timing. Great with comedy . Very helpful today! "
" Aimee was AWESOME!!! "
" Aimee was great. Loved having her read with me. Book her if you get a chance!!! "
" Great Cold Reader and excellent advice! Aimee is great! "
" Awesome!! "
" Aimee was great! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Great patience through this a difficult scene!! thank you "
" Aimee is great to work with! She dives into the read and she gives you a lot to work with "
" Great reader and very easy to work with! "
" Phenomenal reader. Super easy going and natural. "
" So good working with Aimee! She's very present in the readings and she has great insight "
" Aimee's a lot of fun. Reliable suggestions. I appreciate it! "
" Awesome reader! I had sides with multiple characters and Aimee did a fantastic job juggling them all. Thanks Aimee! "
" Wonderful to work with! "
" Aimee was great! Wonderful energy and super helpful! "
" So sweet! Did exactly what I need and loved the choices she made! "
" Aimee was great! Very professional :) "
" Super fun to read with! "
" Aimee was great kind and efficient! "
" Amazing reader. Provides great feedback. "
" Fantastic, kind reader! "
" Very talented and friendly "
" Aimee was AWESOME! She gave me great feedback and was overall very patient with me "
" Aimee was a great reader! Loved working with her. "
" Great read, great suggestions "
" Super helpful, encouraging, and effective. Thanks Aimee! "
" Great! Thanks! "
" Excellent reader! "
" So present and such great energy. She is rooting or you! "
" Great reader! Picks up on story super fast. "
" So great! Easy to work with, a quick study w material and made great suggestions! "
" Aimee is a great reader. Very patient and smart as well. "
" Good. "
" AWESOME. So helpful and present and "in it to win it" with you "
" Awesome "

Credits Include

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