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My name is Adrien Baudon and I'm a 20-year-old bilingual actor (English and French) who just recently graduated from the Metfilm School where I did a BA in Screen Acting.

I'd be really happy to help as a reader and support you as an actor. I can help in any way you want, whether that be giving feedback or practicing a couple of times before filming a few takes. Whatever your needs are, I am here to help!

If you feel like I've been helpful, do consider tipping as it does help me out but I do understand that times are a bit crazy.

Hello ! I'm a 20-year-old bilingual actor (english and french) based in London. I've just finished my BA in screen acting at the Metfilm School in Ealing. I've gained lots of experience in theatre and film and tv, having taken part in a variety of productions.


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" Really insightful… fresh prospective. Positive energy! "
" Adrien was a joy to work with. I'd select him again in a heartbeat! "
" What a great session x Thank you Adrien!!! "
" Adrien is awesome! Thank you! "
" Adrien is great with French auditions! A+ "
" Thank you for the help with my French audition! The best! "
" So helpful, thank you!! "
" Adrien was fantastic! Excellent reader! Highly recommmend! A+++ "
" Perfect reader! Loved working with him! Very talented "
" Adrien is amazing, great reader and a pleasure to work with!! Book him! "
" Adrien is awesome - a great reader and incredible improvisor. Played characters with accents with no problem at all which made my tape so much easier! Not to mention he stuck around for me to try multiple things. Hero! "
" Adrien was an amazing scene partner !!! "
" Adrien really helped me prepare well for an upcoming audition. Highly recommend!! "
" Wonderful reader! Very patient! "
" Adrien was lovely, such a clear positive reader. "
" Great! "
" Picks it right up and runs with it, those darn Brits! Stay out of our market, will ya! :) But work with this guy, he's got it! "
" Great to work with! "
" Amazing thank you "
" Great! "
" Amazing working with Adrien! Super helpful and patient :)) "
" Adrien is amazing, such a great reader and always a joy to work with, recommend!! "
" Adrien is Awesome!! A great reader and lovely to work with, book him!! "

Credits Include

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Short Film Ollie
2022 [added]
Marrying Up
Web Series Quincy Harking
2022 [added]
Risk It For A Chocolate Biscuit
Short Film Dennis
2022 [added]
Short Film Luke
2021 [added]
Its the end of the world and I feel fine
Short Film Woody
2019 [added]
Twelfth Night
Play Curio
2018 [added]
Bullets Over Broadway
Musical David Shane
2018 [added]
Le Bourgeois Gentillehome
Play Le Maitre De Danse
2017 [added]
Frederic Ou Le Boulevard Du Crime
Play Cussonet