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Hello! WeAudition is such a great community of people. I am glad to be apart of it.

I am a LA based actor, writer and teaching artist. I look forward to being your reader for auditions/self-tapes, scenes for class (or just for practice), and rehearsals. I can do a great BRITISH accent, work on CLASSICAL texts if needed. If you're a newbie to the LA scene you can also connect with me for advice.

I have been in the industry for many years, auditioning for film, tv, theatre and voice over. I've spent six years in Chicago scene, where I received my MFA in Acting at DePaul University.

Let's get you those callbacks and bookings! I look forward to working with you!

P.S. if we get disconnected for any reason, wait a few mins and request again. Thanks!

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Abie Irabor is an actress, known for Chicago P.D. (2014), The Infamous Exploits of Jack West (2011) and Your Kid Ate What? (2009).

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" Abie was great! So patient and easy to talk to "
" Extreamly experienced. Extreamly talented actor. Dove into a difficult scene with unbelivable ease. A pleasure to work with you Abie. Thank you so much. truly. "
" Excellent and very insightful!! "
" Great reader! Very helpful- thank you Abie! "
" Nice reader! "
" Awesome reader!! Felt comfortable right away, and she gave some really helpful notes! Would book her again :) "
" So right I worked with her twice on the same night!!!! Ha Ha. "
" Abie is an Amazing reader!!!! "
" Abie had great suggestions and was patient during my technical glitches. Great reader. "
" Abie was very patient and willing to play. "
" Abie is wonderful! "
" Love reading with Abie! Shes great! "
" Wonderful! Patient and professional. "
" Abie is great and a wonderful reader! "
" Great reader "
" Abie, thank you so much for your sharing your talent, presence and patience! "
" Abie was SO amazing. She was super supportive and was able to help me shape the scene. Thanks Abie!!! "
" Amazing energy "
" Fantastic, professional read, supportive, great notes. 100% recommend. "
" Great Reviewer! "
" Abie was a pro and a wonderful reader! Helped me get off book in no time. Thanks Abie! Book her! "
" Very patient with me! Helped me relax and gave me some pointers! "
" Yay abie! "
" Love working with abie! "
" Wonderful as always!! "
" Abie did it again! Just what I needed. MVP in the making! Thanks Abie! "
" There's a lot of compassion in her voice. I really enjoyed playing off of it. What am I talking about? Guess you'll have to find out! "
" Abie is always so great! Always a pleasure reading with her. "
" What a great reader and coach. "
" Wonderful energy!! Brought what I asked for and needed!! Thank you Abie "
" Another great session with Abie . "
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" Wonderful reader- so kind, smart and thoughtful "
" Patient, great voice and super helpful with feedback! "
" So wonderfully supportive and great to read with! Will definitely be selecting her again! "
" Abie was a great reader and very open to giving feedback when asked, thanks! "
" LOVE!!!! Thank you!!! "
" Great reader with super helpful suggestions! "
" Abie is GREAT! "
" Excellent reader, so intuitive with high status charcters, warm and easy to work with! "
" You were so great, thank you so much!!! "
" Excellent reader, professional, and so wonderful & pleasant to work with! "
" Such a fun and lovely reader. Thanks, Abie! Highly recommended "
" Great reader!!!! "
" Abie is a wonder reader! Super kind and gives great notes. "
" Great! "
" Abie was great. Extremely patient and allowed for me to work through each scene! Thank you!! "
" Absolutely fantastic!!! Highly recommended "
" Abie was great! Professional, grounded, there for me. Will read again! Ty Abie! "
" Love reading with abie, great suggestions and so calming and giving "
" Loved her. Helped me out a lot to have a good reader! Versatile. Nice voice. "
" Great as usual! "
" EXCELLENT. Very very patient with my crazy mind tonight. Great cold reader and had some fun ideas to play with. Thanks a million Abie! "
" Wasn't able to connect but she seems lovely! If you're on and see this, log back on I'll give ya another ring! "
" Great as always! "
" Excellent reader. Patient. Gave me something to work with. "
" Abie is so sweet and has great suggestions! "
" Abie was so helpful and intuitive! Loved her! "
" Great person to read with. Abie offered great suggestions! "
" Thanks, Abie! You're one of my faves. "
" Abie was friendly, encouraging and nice to work with! "
" Sweet, helpful, great reader! "
" Always a pleasure!! Thank you! "
" Such great tips, thank you. I appreciate the advice and collaboration! "
" Abie was excellent! She helped me with a particularly tricky self tape. She gave very helpful feedback and ideas for adjustments. Great reader! "
" Abie was awesome to read with. I felt I could be vulnerable with her. Definitely someone I will work with in the future! "
" She was so FUN to work with. can't wait to work with her again! "
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" Great reader! "
" Thank you "
" Thank you "
" Abie is excellent! Book her!! "
" Just terrific, terrific, TERRIFIC! Abie is a patient, kind, and encouraging reader. I felt totally at ease and I am grateful for the advice she gave me. Highly recommend this amazing actor! "
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" Thanks again Abie "
" Great reader. Thanks Abie "
" Abie was a great reader--friendly and easy to work with "
" Great reader! Very patient and gives amazing feedback and advice! "
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" Abie is always so great! Thank you!! "
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" Wonderful Reader!! "
" Abie was super helpful and a great reader! Definitely working with her again! "
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" Abie was so fun to read with! She was a supportive scene partner and made some really helpful suggestions. "
" Really patient and supportive. "
" Lovely "
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" Great reader and so sweet! "
" Great advice "
" AMAZING reader. So fun and sweet and playful!! Made me feel right at home and then rocked the reading. Thanks for your generosity, Abie <3 "
" Wonderful! so helpful:) thank you! "
" She was so giving and patient I love her voice too! "
" Thank u! "
" So sweet and patient reader! "
" So great! Very patient, accommodating, and insightful. Took the time to help me get my perfect take. "
" Such a great support! Gave me the perfect reading! "
" My first reader on We Audition and she was great!! Super pleased :) "
" Abie is perfect!! thank you for your help and notes! "
" She's great! "
" Great reader! I’d definitely believe you as my doctor :-) "
" Abie is a wonderful and kind reader! "
" Absolutely adore Abie, she was perfect for my scene. Thanks so much!!! "
" Excellent. "
" Abie was so patient and warm and gave me great advice on scene that was so intense. She made me feel comfortable I cant wait to work with her again! "
" Lovely! Very professional, prepared, and intuitive. "
" Amazing. Absolutely will work with Abie again! "
" A wonderful session with Abie! She's a very committed scene partner and offers great insight "
" Abie is a fantastic scene partner! I will definitely work with her again. "
" Abie was the loveliest reader- i hope to see her again on weaudition soon! "
" Thank you so much Abie! You were so helpful!!!! And sorry my computer died ha!!! "
" Great! "
" Really supportive and great reader! Highly Recommend! "
" Abie was amazing!!! She was so patient and extremely helpful! She really helped me make the read stronger and more focused on the story! Thank you Abie! "
" Abie was great. She's very friendly and was a responsive reader. "
" Thank you for helping me!! "
" Amazing reader, very friendly and super helpful! "
" Abie is great! Wonderful actor and easy to get along with "
" Abie rocks!!! Great reader. Easy to work with. Thank you so much for your generous time. "
" Loved her suggestion of how to say a line. "
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" She was awesome and kind and patient. Even while my laptop was having technical difficulties "
" Very kind and patient - Abie made me feel super comfortable. Highly recommend! "
" Problem seeing myself "
" Excellent reader and if you ask- she gives great ideas "
" Great time reading with Abie! "
" Excellent reader! And so nice. I'll definitely book again!! "
" Abie was great! Just what I needed. She helped me break down a script and run some lines! Great ideas and very encouraging! Would definitely book again! "
" Great reader! "
" Pleasant and smart reader "
" Super easy to work with! Thank you! "
" Amazing reader! Great advices and super sweet ! Thank you ! "
" Abie was so kind and friendly. she was a great reader and gave some really great feedback and add some nice direction! "
" Abie is great. So much fun to work with & excellent cold reader. Can't wait to work with her again. Thank you. "
" Such a wonderful reader, and super helpful. Highly recommend! "
" Great energy! Fantastic reader! Highly recommend! "
" So Patient and so so kind, really great notes and advice given -- Thanks Abie! "
" Abie is a great reader. Calm and collected and so good at cold reads. Thank you again! "
" Abie is a pro guys! Book her!!! Great cold reader! "
" So patient and a great reader! "
" Abie is lovely and a wonderful reader. Would absolutely work with her again! "
" She is AMAZING!!! Like super on point with her feedback and a great reader overall. "

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Ohio Lottery
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The Haven Web
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Chicago P.D.
TV Series
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2011 [IMDB]
The Infamous Exploits of Jack West
2009 [IMDB]
Your Kid Ate What?
TV Series
Dead Eye