reece lewis

hey guys !

My names Reece based in South London.
I am currently studying at IDSA - identity school of acting

I have been acting for most of my life. It is something i have always Loved and and passionately worked at. If you want somebody that will keep work fun and have a laugh with you while also consciously pushing you to give the best performance you can do I'm your man! I want to see you shine like i know you can ( pardon the cheese haha) but also want to learn as much as i can and hopefully teach a thing or too : ) .

get in contact if you wanna get some work in !
email :
insta: _.reece

My name is Reece Lewis. I am an actor from South east London, Croydon. I have been acting for most of my life performing from a very young age. I have worked for Merlin as a Thorpe park fright night actor for a season on the maze platform 15 and am currently studying at IDSA - Identity school of acting being taught by industry professionals, Directors, Actors from all over the world.

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