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Hi Fellow Actor!

I'm Gwen. I'm an Actor & Prose Poet based in Manhattan. I'm represented by NY MMG, TM Talent, and am a member of SAG-AFTRA.

I'm trained in the Method, Improv & Meisner with Carnegie Hall & the Terry Knickerbocker studio. I'm also a former member of the LA Connection Comedy Troupe, where I performed Sketch Comedy & Improv.

I pick up quickly, do different voices, and can Improv. I also speak Mandarin.

I'm a huge reader, and would love to help you out! TIPS & REVIEWS ARE APPRECIATED :)


I'm Gwen. I'm a Model, Actor, & Prose Poet based in Manhattan. I am represented by NY MMG, TM Talent, and am a member of SAG-AFTRA. I've played roles from MTV’s reprisal of “Singled Out” to Lil Tecca’s “Our Time” music video, as well as recurring roles for digital and commercial television.

I'm trained in the Method, Improv & Meisner with Carnegie Hall & the Terry Knickerbocker studio. I'm also a former member of the LA Connection Comedy Troupe, where she performed Sketch Comedy & Improv.

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