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Hi Fellow Actor!

Hi, I'm Gwen- a SAG-AFTRA Actor/Model based in Manhattan. I'm repped by NY MMG & TM Talent.

Many of the actors who I've read for have booked major roles from those self tapes!

I'm trained in the Method, Improv & Meisner with Carnegie Hall & the Terry Knickerbocker studio. My focus is on drama, in TV/Film (usually portraying teens).

I'm also a former member of the LA Connection Comedy Troupe, where I performed Sketch Comedy & Improv. I recently completed a contract with RWS Entertainment, doing Live Theater & Improv.

I pick up quickly, & also speak Mandarin.

Self-Taping can be a stressful experience, but I'm here to help!
I'm a huge reader, & would love to help you out!

**Book me as a reader ahead of time on IG @ygwengrace , & DM!


I'm Gwen. I'm a Model, Actor, & Prose Poet based in Manhattan. I am represented by NY MMG, TM Talent, and am a member of SAG-AFTRA. I've played roles from MTV’s reprisal of “Singled Out” to Lil Tecca’s “Our Time” music video, as well as recurring roles for digital and commercial television.

I'm trained in the Method, Improv & Meisner with Carnegie Hall & the Terry Knickerbocker studio. I'm also a former member of the LA Connection Comedy Troupe, where she performed Sketch Comedy & Improv.

Tamara Markowitz TM Talent NJ Talia Sperandio NY MMG

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" Thanks so much. Great reader. "
" Patient & so supportive! "
" Second time working with Grace! Absolutely love working with her :) She's got great energy, and is a great reader! "
" Amazing experience with a fantastic actress and reader. She gave me plenty to play off of as well as helpful notes to bring out my best performance. "
" Awesome as always. Thanks Gwen! "
" Gwen was wonderful! Really great reader. "
" Loved working with Gwen! She had great energy, and I really enjoyed working with her :) "
" Awesome reader and very helpful!! "
" Great, easy presence "
" GWEN was AWESOME! Super kind, lovely and professional. Highly recommend! "
" Gwen is outstanding! Natural ease. A pro and a pleasure to work with. "
" Great reader! "
" The greatest most supportive person you can work with. Gwen did an amazing job coaching me through scenes, giving direction for alternate takes, and creating a comfortable environment to work in. She is knowledgable, she is patient and caring, and she is one that you will want to work with again. "
" Gwen is great as a reader and gave lots of helpful tips! "
" Gwen helped me with a self-tape when I had super limited time and was amazing! Super encouraging and on top of it! Thank you! <3 "
" Excellent, patient reader! "
" Such a great reader! "
" She did great~! "
" Excellent willing to dive in! "
" Wonderful to work with!! "
" Gwen was awesome!! She helped me run some lines for a play I'm working on. "
" Thank you!! Great to work with@@ "
" Love working with Gwen! She just helped me knock out tapes for two cold scenes in 15 minutes, a legend! "
" Thank you so much Gwen! "
" Gwen was such a pleasure to work with -- very laid back, supportive, and professional. I would definitely work with her again!! "
" Gwen is smart, professional, easy to talk to, and a great listener. She gives solid advice, and she clearly knows this business well. Thanks, Gwen! It was a pleasure to meet you, and to work with you! And I really appreciated your help! "
" Gwen was great! Very helpful! "
" Super great! Got straight to business and delivered exactly what was needed! "
" So great!! "
" Good reader. Very helpful "
" Excellent! Thanks so much, Gwen! "
" So reliable and upbeat and intelligent. My kind of reader. "
" Gwen is A+ every time. "
" Gwen is amazing! Looking forward to using her again for self-tapes! "
" Very friendly, and professional. "
" She was a great reader! "
" Great reader and super encouraging. "
" Just Awesome! great reader and so patient. "
" Great Reader!! "
" Patient and great reader! "
" Excellent reader! Very natural and energized. Thank you for your help! "
" Thank you Gwen "
" Great reader "
" Gwen was amazing! Super helpful and supportive! "
" So reliable and a gifted, talented actress. When I see Gwen's avatar up, I click to book her! "
" GWEN is officially my hero. So appreciative of her kindness, patience, positive attitude , and great podcast recommendation! "
" Easy, flexible, great reader ! "
" Really kind and helpful reader!! "
" Great reader "
" Great!! "
" Helpful and friendly! "
" Wonderful and patient and kind!! She’s terrific!! "
" Gwen was an excellent reader and really helpful! Thank you! "
" Gwen was great! very helpful "
" Gwen was great I recommend her to anyone who needs a reader!! "
" Loved reading with Gwen! She has a wonderful personality. easy to read with, & patient! "
" Lovely! Thanks Gwen. "
" Soooo freaking solid and dependable and I love her voice! "
" Very kind, fun reader, easy to work with. Thanks so much! "
" Fabulous! Thanks Gwen! "
" Great reader! Thank you Gwen:). Hope to work with you again soon. "
" Gwen was great, im def coming back! "
" Great reader! "
" So helpful and great ideas! "
" So great at helping with what I asked for help with - character, script analysis, choices. I appreciate you <3 "
" Very talented and kind and very patient and supportive-excellent!! "
" Kind, patient, and very encouraging! "
" Adorable and professional and supportive-excellent .Great at different levels and styles and subtlties. "
" Really great energy. Excellent reader "
" Gwen helped me through my second time on the app and did a perfect job! Wonderful straight read with lots of energy and just what I needed to get my lines in..- loved this- thank you so much! "
" Gwen is Amazing! I had a super last min audition and she helped me get it in so quick and was very generous with her time!!!! "
" Great reader!! "
" So dependable and an amazing actress. Love working with Gwen. "
" Thanks Gwen! Patient, supportive, and kind. "
" Gwen was amazing! and super helpful "
" Ah LOVE reading with Gwen - so kind, such a great scene partner, and knows how to play the moment with you - I've read with her soooo many times, highly recommend! "
" She only had to read 2 words for my audition, lol, but still, great reader, and great energy. Thank you so much! "
" Gwen is wonderful to work with!!! "
" Whoa, that's a fast brain!!!!! Amazing actress! Loved reading with her! "
" Gwen was a great reader! "
" Gwen was super helpful and generous! "
" Gwen was awesome, so personable and professional! "
" She is a great reader. We thought it would take an hour to get the take we wanted and she coached us in just 30 minutes. I highly recommend. "
" Good reader, fun to work with "
" Awesome reader! book her! "
" Great reader! Really patient and kind, and lovely to work with! "
" LOVE reading with Gwen. One of my faves! Highly recommend! "
" Thank you so much! "
" Patient, giving, and solid. "
" Best reader I've had! So wonderful and patient! "
" Great! "
" Great to read with! Helped me pick up on some beats with very little information. And also very encouraging! "
" Gwen is a great reader. She helped me read through my scene for class! I will definitely read with her again. "
" Thank you so much Gwen!!! Really appreciated how intuitive and easy breezy you were to read with~ Zoe "
" Quick and professional "
" Gwen was great! "
" Awesome reader! Thanks Gwen! :) "
" Fantastic reader! Very flexible and quick, thanks! "
" GREAT!!! "
" Gwen was great! just what i needed! "
" Helpful and friendly! "
" Gwen is so nice and a great reader!! "
" Gwen was great! Super helpful reader! Highly recommend! "
" Very open and enthusiastic, totally present and decent at math! "
" It was a pleasure to work with Gwen. She was positive and emotive while reading "
" Great reader as always! "
" Gwen is so generous as a reader. I booked a huge job reading with her last November. A+ "
" Excellent. Truly gave life to multiple characters!! "
" Gwen is extremely helpful and patient! Her reading skills have helped me book multiple roles and her acting skills help me try new approaches to the characters I audition for! Thanks Gwen(: "
" Fantastic reader with great notes "
" A little noise in the background due to roommate moving out, but the reading itself was great! And she helped me get acquainted with WeAudition. "
" Awesome! Very present and supportive! 10/10will book again "
" So patient, great reader! Thanks Gwen. "
" Gwen is a lovely woman. Very friendly and warm. Also, supportive of the craft. "
" So patient and such a great reader, thank you!! "
" Terrific Reader and Great Advice! "
" Always a delight working with Gwen! "
" Fantastic reader! Played the roles of the other characters so well, and was so incredibly patient with me. It was easy t do good work. "
" Gwen is friendly and patient to work with! "
" Super reader! Very on it and understanding! "
" A total pro, so good!!! Thank you Gwen! "
" Gwen is always so much fun and rewarding to read with. I've booked most of my selftapes are booked through her reads. TY Gwen(: "
" Great vibes! "
" Such an amazing energy and great reader. Thanks Gwen! "
" Very patient and helpful. Easy going and a great person to work with! "
" Super patient, generous and easy with her reads. Gave me a lot of good options to look at. Thanks so much! "
" Gwen was very kind and patient and reads exactly how one should to tap into their character. Thanks for your time! "
" Always a pleasure working with Gwen! She's awesome "
" So fun and easy to work with! Went out of her way to ensure the best experience for me. Thanks, Gwen! "
" Lovely! "
" Gwen is great! Very patient and go with the flow!! Super collaborative and I really appreciate her help! "
" Gwen is a great reader. Had so much dialogue thrown at her and she delivered! A+ "
" Gwen is so patient and puts me at ease in my auditions. Highly recommend her! "
" Great as always! "
" Gwen is an awesome reader. Thank you :) "
" A joy to work with! "
" Gwen was awesome! Literally calmed my nerves and gave great feedback and tips :) Thank you Gwen! "
" Great reader! Fantastic with pacing to deliver lines for a comedy scene. Thankyou so much for your patience with the website tech issues! "
" Super patient and kind. It was lovely prepping for class with you "
" Great reader, really helped with my self tape! "
" Great reader. Excellent pacing. "
" Gwen is great! "
" Gwen has helped me rehearse for sketches and I booked an audtion with the help of her preparation! Thanks girl(: "
" Super encouraging and helpful! "
" Great energy, great support, and most importantly, a great reader. Thanks, Gwen! "
" Very sweet, gave feedback and helped discuss the scene with me to get different takes :) "
" I love working with Gwen! She's one of my favorites "
" OMG Gwen is so great. Professional, giving, smooth reader. Can't wait to read with her again! "
" Great energy! "
" Great reader and very positive! "
" Amazing reader! Super great and highly recommend! "
" Great reader. "
" A pro "
" Awesome - Thanks for playing and so well! Will book again! "
" Thanks for your help!! "
" Great reader "
" Adore Gwen! Very supportive reader and has a great understanding of pacing for reading. Especially to compensate for internet lag. Thanks so much! "
" Super great reader! So sweet and ready to just jump in! Thank you for a great read and for your awesome positive energy Gwen!! Will be booking again soon!! "
" Awesome reader and very nice! "
" Gwen was super helpful with my very long rehearsal session! She really helped me knock it out of the park. I enjoy reading with her and recently booked a role she helped me rehearse. Thank you(: "
" Great reader! "
" Previous reviews don’t accurately capture how awesome Gwen is! Such a vibrant and friendly personality who’s willing to give you what you need for the take. Thanks, Gwen! Will be working with you again! "
" Great reader, so bubbly and kind. Thank you! "
" Wonderful! "
" Awesome reader thanks for all the help! "
" Loved working with Gwen! "
" So kind and helpful! "
" An angel! Gwen was so SO much fun to work with "
" Truly the BEST!! Thank you! "
" Great reader and actress! Good feedback "
" What a delightful person and reader. She just happened to perfect for the role too- who knew! Thank you Gwen, great making new friends! "
" Loved working with Gwen ! Thank you! "
" Great experience, great reader. "
" A great reader, supportive and so chill "
" Awesome reader! "
" On point right away. Timing was amazing! Thank you, Gwen! "
" Gwen is wonderful! Always a pleasure "
" Very patient and lovely! "
" Excellent Reader! "
" Fantastic reader, will choose her again!! "
" GWEN! Thank you so much! Such a wonderful reader who helped me try out a few things to get the best takes of my scenes. Will definitely work with her again. "
" 5 STARS!!! "
" Wonderful as always "
" Gwen rocks! "
" Nice to work with! very giving of her time. respectful and calm--good partner! "
" Gwen is the best!!! "
" Super warm, generous reader :) "
" Great reader! Super efficient and accommodating :) "
" Thanks! "
" Gwen's an awesome reader! Highly recommend! "
" Great read, helpful and good instincts! "
" Great reader! "
" So sweet and a great reader/actress! "
" Gwen was wonderful!! "
" Thank you! "
" Great read "
" Really great reader. Really positive. "
" Gwen was an awesome cold reader! Quickly understood the comedy and delivery needed for the scene. Will definitely use her again when I can! :-) "
" Gwen is wonderful! Highly recommend! "
" Easy. Great Reader. "
" Good reader. "
" Gwen is awesome! Super positive and kind. Made my experience a delight! "
" Great reader! "
" So kind and willing to work with you for as many takes as you need! "
" Gwen was awesome!!! "
" Good Reader "
" Helpful and kind "
" Was a really great reader! "
" Gwen was very patient and helpful! Thanks so much Gwen! "
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" Great reader! "
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" Super clutch reader!!! Awesome!! "
" She was absolutely lovely. Would read with her again in a heartbeat. "
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" Outstanding reader!!!!😃👏👏 "
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" Easy to work with. recommend! "
" Gwen is awesome! "
" Excellent "
" Such a sweet person! Thanks for the read and advice :) "
" Great reader "
" Gwen is super patient and jumped right in, with an amazing read! "
" Gwen was amazing a super patient! "
" Awesome!! Great reader and super nice "
" Gwen helped me work through some line issues with my self-tape and something about her approach made it easier for me to get that one awkward line. Thanks so much Gwen! "
" Thank you Gwen! "
" Gwen was a great reader! Really appreciate all her accommodations! "
" Came back to work with Gwen!!!! Also everyone, she helped me book my last project. Such an amazing reader!!! "
" Great reader! Very patient, attentive, and accomodating! "
" Great reader and very personable! "
" Great reader! Thanks Gwen! "
" So wonderful! Highly recommend! "
" She is awesome. So supportive. Great reader, very patient "
" Gwen's a great reader! "
" Amazing actress! Super talented and engaging reader! I'll be back !!! "
" Excellent Reader! "
" So patient and friendly!! Thank you Gwen! "
" Cool "
" Gwen is my go-to reader! "
" Gwen was awesome and made me feel really comfortable. "
" Gwen was a great reader! "
" So sweet, so understanding, and so professional!!! Nailed my scenes in 1-2 takes thanks to Gwen!! #AAPIREPRESENT!!!!! "
" Great reader! "
" Really quick and easy session! Thanks Gwen! "
" I enjoyed working with Gwen! Even with a little bit of a technical glitch she was professional, prompt, and very helpful with my audition. I'd work with her again for another audition if she's available! "
" What a joy! SO professional, thoughtful and kind. She was so patient with my multiple auditions and kept me grounded through it. BOOK HER!! Right now. :) "
" Great reader, thank you! "
" Always great working with Gwen! "
" Gwen is so fun!! Makes this job easy :) "
" Gwen is awesome. Very accommodating. "
" Gwen is so wonderful!! I highly recommend you read with her!! "
" Great reader!!!! "
" Great reader! :) "
" Gwen is great! "
" Gwen was a wonderful reader!! I loved her input too and just being able to talk some things out with her - thank you for your patience!! Would love to snag her again sometime or help her with an audition! Best! "
" Gwen was a pleasure to work with. She was also very patient as I worked through some technical issues. Thanks very much! "
" Gwen was great to work with! "
" Great reader. Really fun to work with! "
" Thank you! "
" Super nice and great reader! Thanks Gwen! "
" A+ reader :)) "
" Super supportive! "
" Gwen is as good as any reader on this site!! Book her and leave a tip! "
" Amazing reader!! Super cool and fun to work with. Thanks Gwen! "
" Good reader "
" Gwen was so helpful and patient! "
" So sweet and helpful. Very giving. "
" Gwen's terrific. Very patient too! "
" Patient reader willing to put up with my emotional prep lol. Joking aside, Gwen is excellent! "
" She was a nice reader. Really appreciated! "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Amazing, easy to. read with. I felt comfortable. "
" Super patient and great reader! thank you so much! "
" Very professional and quick to figure out multiple characters in the reading. "
" Great reader and easy to work with. "

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