Wade F. Wilson

*SAG-AFTRA actor
*Based in Los Angeles
*Bachelor of Arts in Television and Film Media Studies from Cal State University of Los Angeles
*The Actors Studio (Finalist)

Hey! I appreciate your taking the time to check out my profile, allow me to quell your curiosity. I'm down-to-earth, flexible, love to conversate or dive right into the work. What's most important for me is that you feel comfortable. As an actor, I understand the importance of this and the space we create together is judgment-free. In my own life, I breed an unrushed and relaxed environment therefore my sessions will be much the same. I pride myself on my patience and ultimately want to see you book it! I will treat our session and our scenes as if we were going up on the day. So, let's have FUN, let's take chances! Your WIN is my WIN! Let's do this!

IG: @WadeForrestWilson

Wade F. Wilson is an actor known for Dear White People (2017 - 2021), Criminal Minds: NBA 2K16 (2016) Beyond Borders (2016) and, Chi-Raq (2015).

15 Reader Reviews

" Amazing reader! "
" Wade is an amazing self-tape partner! He gets right into the work. Wade performed 2 characters in my script and gave each a distinctive voice and essence. I was able to just be creative within my role. I will be looking to read with him again! "
" So helpful!! "
" Awesome reader! Insightful feedback, would definitely request again. "
" CLICK on Wade!!! He is incredible!!!! Even gave me a little pointer I hadn't thought of in my scene. Just became my favorite reader here. "
" BOOK HIM. He knows what he's doing ! Thanks again !! "
" Great reader & great feedback! "
" HE'S A PRO! Really great reader, but even better collaborator. Wade definitely knows what he's doing. Thanks for all your help ! See you soon. "
" Wade is the best. Easy and thoughtful. "
" Wade is so fun and easy to work with! Gave great feedback to help develop the character and helped me do multiple takes. Looking forward to working with him again! "
" What a generous, grounded, & insightful actor. Clearly a working pro, who I feel very comfortable inviting into my space. I fully trust Wade to help elevate any scene. So so so grateful for you, Wade! BOOK HIM IMMEDIATELY "
" Wade is AAAAMAAAAZING!!!!! He is so talented, amazing actor, wonderful reader, and a very kind and generous person! He gave such a grounded read from the very first take and really embraced the characters and helped me so much by creating a safe space and letting me take my time. Thank you so much for all your help! BOOK HIM NOW!!! "
" He was super personable and flexible. He offered some great insights and suggestion. Highly recommend! "
" Wade provided some top notch direction and added layers to my audition. Would 10/10 recommend. "

Credits Include

2021 [added]
Dear White People S4
Michael Reynolds
2020 [IMDB]
All Rise
TV Series
2019 [added]
Dear White People S3
Michael Reynolds
2017 [IMDB]
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders
TV Series
2015 [IMDB]
2015 [IMDB]
NBA 2K16
Video Game