Tuesday Lewis

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Well Hello There!

My name is Tuesday Shanquel Lewis and I'm an American actor, writer, and director. Being the daughter of a singer and a musician- I discovered my passion to entertain at the tender age of 6- when I told my mom that I was going to grow up to become an actress and a teacher. My professional experience steamed from becoming a theatre major at Lon Morris College in Jacksonville, TX which led into community plays, that eventually opened the doors to my first starring role in the short film, "Momma's Own" by Harrell D. Williams. Once "Momma's own" provided me with my first IMDB credit It was TIME FOR THE TAKE OFF right? Wrong! lol.
I got married, became a mom, and did a few things here and there, and BAM! my dream of becoming a teacher came into fruition. What were the odds?!?
"I have literally arrived!" I thought. I fulfilled my dream, right? Wrong! lol. Although teaching was one of my passions, I was not fulfilled by teaching common core curriculum. I knew that there had to be more FOR ME. I knew there had to be a place and an opportunity to do both- be a working actress AND a teacher! So I decided to organize my own Nonprofit organization for girls who share the passion for acting, writing, and directing (Girls In Film & Theatre Exploring Destinies- GIFTED).
Once I began teaching adolescent and teenage girls the art of acting, writing, and production it re-lit a fire inside of me that I thought had died. It brought me back to my first love!
Now that I'm back, my goal is to make acting in film and television my primary occupation- for it is imperative to LOVE WHAT YOU DO. My purpose has always been to entertain, inspire, and uplift others. NOW is the time to fulfill that purpose.
I am currently in classes at TEM workshop (studying with thee Glenn Morshower) and I am actively seeking representation.


Credits Include

2017 [IMDB]
Saving the Tin Man
2014 [IMDB]
Words with Girls
TV Movie