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Hello you wonderful actors and creatives,

We work in a safe space. I leave judgment and ego at the door! With me you're allowed to be vulnerable because in order to do our best we have to be! I understand how nerve wrecking self taping is, but with me I promise I will make you feel at ease! I DARE YOU TO TRY ME AND SEE! Acting is playing so lets make it FUN and get it DONE.

Weaudition sometimes seems possessed lol and doesn't ring even although I'm on. I'm here to help so please try again!

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Also the world is crazy right now. If you're happy with my rates then great, but if not then I'm happy to meet you where you are. Don't let that put you off. I genuinely want to help!

OK NOW THE FUN PART............

My name is Sherine. I am a British Irish/ Syrian actress, voiceover artist, writer, director and creative coach with tons of experience living in London.

Seriously EVERYTHING needed for you to do well!

So whatever you need from running lines to a fully present and committed scene partner with clear notes or no notes if you choose! I will give you what you need! YOU TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT AND I WILL DELIVER God willing!

I have written and performed my solo show "Why so Syrian?" at a West End Venue called SOHO Theatre in London ( equivalent to off Broadway)

Starred on British TV with OVER 13 + YEARS of Theatre and Film experience and so much more... please check out my IMBD and Spotlight.

My aim is for you to NAIL the self tape, FEELING CONFIDENT with your performance and for you to LEAVE HAPPY. I want to see you succeed. I'm a life coach after all, trust me it helps!

If you don't see my beacon on, just email me to set up a time to coach/tape: (an additional fee)

Be Brave!
Lets get you booked!

I look forward to working with you.

P.S If you're feeling blocked or stuck and you're at a cross roads of full of frustration and looking for life coaching I'd love to connect for a free discovery call

Love and Light,

Sherine Soul Sister

Theatre Reviews:

Why so Syrian? "Chalhie is a powerful young voice who has much to say, and a gift in encouraging people to listen."

'Milk and Gall' at Theatre 503 November 2021
Theatre Review:
"Sherine Chalhie is a particularly strong comic performance- this cast carries the surreal humour with confidence."
Played Queen Elizabeth of Valois at the Blue Elephant Theatre: 'Sherine Chalhie - a statuesque Elizabeth, who looks every inch a queen.' - THE STAGE.
"Sherine Chalhie portrayed a very strong Elizabeth who was entirely believable as Phillips dutiful wife and Carlos's young lover". - The Fringe Review.
"For the first half of the play, it is Sherine Chalhie, as Elizabeth, who shines."

I have years of experience just check out my spotlight.

I look forward to working with you.



37 Reader Reviews

" Sherine is an absolutely fantastic reader. Great tips and awesome cold reader. Book Her!!! A+ "
" I LOVED working with sherine. She was really great at offering insight without directing, exactly what I needed at this stage of my process. Would totally book again :) "
" Awesome "
" Thank you Sherine! Fab reader, calm, friendly and also gave me some coaching to add to my performance :) "
" Amazing reader. Ray of sunshine. So positive, friendly, supportive, really put me at ease. Would 100% recommend would use her again in an instant "
" AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! So kind. Wants to make sure she gives you what you need as a reader to help your audition soar! I highly recommend her! Please book her! "
" My go to reader for all things dramatic!!! She is stellar with killer instincts!!! "
" Excellent! A safe, great person to work with. She really wants you to do well and you'll do better than you thought you could! "
" Delightful and insightful! "
" One of the best readers I’ve ever worked with. Great notes, listens really well and supports you in any way possible. Also extremely flexible with adapting to your needs. Thank you so so much "
" Oh my goodness lOVED working with Sherine! She is fabulous. Very positive but gives amazing notes....highly recommend and her American accent is AMAZING. "
" Great reader and great energy! "
" Wonderful and calming. Really smart. She's an actors actor. You won't be disappointed :) "
" Absolutely magnificent! Sherine was an amazing scene partner with really helpful notes that helped me take the scene up a notch. I highly recommend trying her 10/10! "
" Amazing reader! Super helpful and really helped me get the best take. Thank you Sherine "
" Excellent reader! So patient and super helpful offering great tips, also a really lovely person. Highly recommend! "
" She's wonderful and so supportive! Thank you! "
" Sherine is absolutely wonderful!Highly recommended! Can't wait to work with her again. "
" Superstar!!! Great ideas to deepen the scene. Thanks!! "
" Really good brilliant reader thank you!!!! "
" Ahhh!!! Thank you darling Sherine. What a lovely reader and lovely person. "
" So dope! awesome reader! "
" Wonderful!! Will definitely use again! "
" Sherine was FABULOUS! Very informative and helpful :) "
" She was wonderful to work with! Gave me ideas on how to play the scene that I never even thought of before. High Recommend <3 "
" VERY ADEPT READER!! And so kind and warm and positive!! "
" My second day in a row working with Sherine, she’s extremely dedicated and wants to make sure you get the right take! Book her! "
" Sherine was incredible! A natural! She is a giving actress and was emotionally available at all times throughout my scene. I absolutely loved my experience with Sherine! Highly recommend! "
" So supportive! "
" AMAZING! Extremely clear and helpful notes - helped me add layers to a scene. Even gave me an impromptu warmup. Book Sherine ASAP! "
" Will book again! "
" Sherine is absolutely incredible. She helped me get right where I needed to for my scene. Amazing insights, specific questions, and extremely encouraging. Book her if you know what’s good for you! "
" Good solid patient reader. She helped me calm down a bit and just act. "
" Sherine is SO great to work with! She is specific with asking what you need from the session and deliver it. If you do request notes she is thoughtful, playful, imaginative, professional and encouraging. No sense of rushing, every sense of the heart of the work. I hope to work with Sherine often! "
" Really helpful! "
" Outstanding reader, great notes and was in the scene with me the whole time "

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