Rachel Mackall

Hi Friends! Let's have some FUN! We act because it's what lights us up inside. That will always be my goal in every session. I want you to have fun throughout the entire time.

I have been acting since I was in 5th grade. I have a background in classical training (Shakespeare, Chekov, ect.) So I am always happy to help with those upcoming theatre auditions. I also have trained with some of the top film and tv industry professional at AMAW, Anthony Meindl and PAA with Joseph Pearlman. I am always happy to give feedback and guidance at your request.

I also know the importance of social media, so at the end let me know your social tags and let's support one another!

Hello Everyone!

Confidence is key in this industry and my goal is to always have you leave your session feeling confident about your work and with a smile on your face! Let's make you SHINE like the star you are!

Recent Credits:
- Wrapped a short film called "The Holy Pyramid" which will come out in September
- Filmed a commercial for the American Red Cross
- Independent Feature Film called "The Tunnel" coming out in March 2022
- Was in the World Premier play of "The Hiding Place" in Houston, Texas

- BFA in acting from Belmont University
- Acting Technique w/ Anthony Aibel
- Studied abroad at LAMDA (Classical training)
- Voice and Diction Training w/ Santiago Sosa

Fun facts about me...
1. The first role I ever played was in 5th grade where I was Madonna and sang Material Girl.
2. I can sing the Alphabet Backwards.
3. I am currently teaching myself the piano.
4. I am a huge goofball...ask me about the time I proposed to someone in a Home Depot.

AAG Talent

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" Rachel was so awesome! Kind, patient, and an excellent reader. "
" I had a fast turnaround and was stumbling a bit, Rachel was steady and we nailed it in the end! Thanks, Rachel, for the help and patience! "
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" Thanks so much for the read! Loved your feedback. "
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" Rachel was so great, helped me find the tone and pace and it enhanced the choices i was able to make! "
" Wonderful reader. She can cold read well which means you are able to stay connected in the scene. Thank you! "
" Great reader and actor!! "
" Had some connection issues with the platform but she kept her spirits up and was a great reader "
" Rachel is so sweet!! Loved her energy. Was happy with my rehearsal and read through. "
" Rachel was awesome. So friendly! "
" One of my faves! Rachel is awesome and so passionate about her work! "
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" Gives great suggestions and really helps smooth out the scene. "
" Awesome reader!! "
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" Rachel was awesome! Great cold reader! Thank you! "
" Wonderful energy. Kind and joyful and present. The perfect reader. "
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" Incredibly patient , great energy, wonderful with pace! "
" Rachel was one of my favorite readers. Super attentive and helpful. Also super patient!! "
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" Rachel was incredible! Fantastic energy, very specific and helpful notes, and endless patience. Thank you for being such a great reader, Rachel! "
" Great to read with and super sweet! "
" Fantastic! She was available right away and able to help read through things with me so I felt much more comfortable (also gave me helpful feedback on my reading). "
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" So Amazing!! So happy I was able to work with Rachel!! "
" Great reader,, thank you! "
" Rachel is awesome. Super sweet, specific, and gave me exactly what I asked for - no unsolicited feedback. Very collegial and professional "
" Wonderful! "
" SOOOOO AMAZING!! Helped me with an audition it was great!!! "
" Rachel is a wonderful reader, I need her to play a child and she nailed it!! She is present and full in her read. "
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" Rachel is great! So fun and patient. Highly recommend. "
" Had so much fun with Rachel. We just played and I left with several great takes - will definitely book again. "
" Super fun and patient reader! "
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" Yes professional, courteous, very skilled and brought the scene alive "
" Kind, professional, encouraging, and insightful. Thank you Rachel! "
" Awesome!!! "
" Great reader! Super patient and generous!! "
" So great! Very generous actress! "

Credits Include

2022 [IMDB]
Butterfly of Black Velvet
2021 [added]
The Paramedic Angle
Gwyn Lovell
2021 [added]
The Butterfly of Black Velvet
Diana (Lead)
2021 [added]
The Holy Pyramid
2021 [added]
The Tunnel
2021 [added]
Red Cross
The Hopeful Yard