Paula D. Koch

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Hi there dear people! :)
Berlin, Germany is my hometown and base- So I´m happy to meet you when our timezones get along ;) I am native German but luckily grew up in Hickory, N.C. and Padua, Italy so I get to work in German, English and Italian.

So now its been over 10 years that I've worked in theatre and film/ also on German TV as a reporter and presenter/host .
I love to find out why a scene or movie isn't working and help getting it on track.
If you need help to speak German, English or Italian, breaking down a scene, finding love for your character, let me know. It would be pleasure to work with you!

For tips please PayPal me @ Thanks :)
Actor, Host/Presenter, Voice-Over Artist

While I was studying Business Administration at a German Tech Uni, I heard that extras with a historical look were needed for Stephan Daldrys THE READER. After getting my hair cut fifties style, Assistant Director Richard Styles found out that I speak English like a native, so when shooting started, I suddenly had a job as a stand-in . What an experience to work with that amazing crew! I still remember being in awe of how Roger Deakins did his magic...his concentration...! wow. And then I was able to do a scene with the camera rolling because the actors were still stuck in the makeup department. The scene was just walking down a staircase. But boooom. It just hit me in that moment. Really hard.
My love for acting has never ceased since then. It's been over 10 years that I've worked in theatre and film/ also on German TV as a reporter and host. It hasn't been easy along the way but boy have I loved every single step!

Some more facts about me :)
Grew up in Hickory, N.C., Padua, Italy and Berlin, Germany---love to cook because there is an immediate result of work :D---sailing license--- BSc. in Business Administration---love to work with people, working with kids is so amazing---MOM--- worked as a journalist (Journalist traineeship completed) to get in contact with every day life situations and learn more about how the world and people work/think/act/love

Agent: Caprice Crawford, Crawford Talents E-Mail:
" Joyous ..super kind and warm!! "
" Very nice "
" Perfect reader, understood the material immediately, great to work off of. Grazie!!!! "
" Great reader!! Thanks Paula! "
" Another great session! Really helped develop my character "
" Awesome enthusiastic personality and great input/feedback "
" Paula was awesome and she added some really cool additions to my audition as th reader givng me a lot to work with! "
" Thank you Paula :) "

Credits Include

2019 [IMDB]
Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten
TV Series
2017 [IMDB]
Blind & Ugly
2015 [IMDB]
Dhakerah Men Waraq
TV Series
2014 [IMDB]
2011 [IMDB]
Points of You
TV Series