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Hi Everyone!

My name is Natasha Harris, 26 years old, greek heritage. I am an actress from Sydney, Australia. As an actress, I have trained in a number of schools in Sydney including screen studies, and masterclasses. I have studied at Screenwise - Australia's Leading Film & TV School for Actors, completing the Showreel Course ( 1 year) certificate. I've also studied audition & self tapes with acting coaches and actresses, such as Maya Wilson and masterclasses with the renowned Lisa Robertson . As well as gaining a Bachelor's Degree in Media Arts and Production, at the University of Technology, Sydney.

My credits mostly include commercials and short films. I recently learnt from someone in a casting workshop about We Audition and I would love to help anyone out, and be a reader for them!

Please let me know if you'd like any feedback at the start and during the session. I'm always open to ideas and helping you out! I'm looking forward to meeting you and helping you book that job today!

Languages: English & Greek

Thank you!

Hi guys! My name is Natasha Harris, 26 years old from Sydney, Australia. I have studied acting at Screenwise School for Television and have recently completed the online masterclass course; script analysis and emotional core with Lisa Robertson. I recently learnt from someone in a casting workshop about We Audition and I would love to help anyone out, and be a reader for them!

Thank you!
Natasha Harris
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" Natasha is so friendly and is open to playing around with various takes and intentions!! I had so much fun reading with her! "
" Great reader and super kind! "
" Yoooo Tasha is the best. I love her bluntness because as actors we need that and Tasha will not lie to you. If you ask she will not only give you the truth but give you ideas on how to play around within your comfort zone to get something new out of the scene. "
" Great reader! "
" Very fun and patience! Helped me get comfortable with letting go "
" Excellent reader "
" A great reader! Super supportive and friendly "
" Natasha was so sweet and helpful and generous! Will definitely read with her again :) "
" Lovely :) "
" Such a great person, great reader thanks as always Natasha "
" Great working with Natasha, highly recommended :) "
" Natasha was WONDERFUL! Gave me so many good suggestions!! "
" SO SORRY MY COMPUTER DIED-- She was amazing. Great reader. "
" Very helpful! Just read through my script a few times and drilled lines together! Appreciate it! "
" So sweet and helpful, she instantly made me feel at ease and helped me get the best takes I could. Thank you so much <3 "
" Incredible as always! "
" Great to work with! Gave me great advice and notes :) "
" Always wonderful! "
" Super sweet and helpful! "
" Amazing!! Great feedback! "
" Natasha was super supportive and helpful even through a pretty rough scene. She was very professional and provided amazing insight that helped put together a splendid tape! "
" Natasha is a top notch reader. She recently graduated from a yearlong certificate course in acting during which she honed her skills of script analysis, beats and objectives. It’s been awhile since my training so I was grateful to Natasha reminding me to start with the fundamentals of understanding the needs of the character and to go after my character’s wants in the scene. Thank you, Natasha! "
" Loved her! Very smart. She knows her stuff! "
" Sweet Natasha, thank you for being an engaged and wonderful reader! "
" She's amazing! So wonderful! Patient and helpful! "
" Very patient and attentive. Also very kind. Thank you. "
" Super sweet and helpful! "

Credits Include

2019 [added]
Showreel Charlie
2019 [added]
Five Women
Showreel Georgeanne
2018 [added]
Standing Up for Sunny
Feature Film Audience
2017 [added]
Commercial Extra
2017 [added]
Commercial Extra
2015 [added]
Feature Film New York business woman
2013 [added]
Off to the Shops
Theatre Lead