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I am an Italo-Argentinian actress, gifted with a vibrant latin soul and a strong woman voice.
I worked as an agricultural engineer for ten years in Argentina, Brazil and Greece. Throughout this period, immersed in the countryside, I came to understand the impermanent state of nature, finding a deep source of creative inspiration here, on how to stay present in the moment, breathe each day anew and unfold our infinite choice as human beings to be constantly reborn.
I travelled as a backpacker around New Zealand and Southeast Asia for three years, living and working in different cities, enriching my life experience, shaping my view of the world, constantly engaged with an open-minded community of travellers. The most valuable outcome was learning to rapidly adapt to new environments, crowds and challenges.
In 2018, I attended a full-time year of acting conservatory in Sydney, having the privilege of training with renowned theatre director Kevin Jackson.
I found in acting my role in society as a communicator and storyteller; as well as a symbiosis between my ever-curious mind and the rewarding opportunity of giving a voice to the souls out there that need to be heard.
I feel encouraged to play characters with complex thoughts and views, who question their adopted lifestyle and peers and have an almost sense of duty to break the status quo.
I'm here today open to new opportunities to bring to the screen and stage the full essence of myself.
Thank you :)

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